Thursday, September 24, 2020

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

Charting Suspended, Call Lights Disabled, Bathroom Breaks Okayed for National Nurses Week

SILVER SPRING, MD – To celebrate National Nurses Week from May 6 to May 12 this year, hospitals and clinics across the country are saying "Thank you!" by suspending all charting, disabling all call...

Breaking News: THE PATIENT POOPED!!!

DURHAM, NC - HE POOPED!!!!  OMG!!!  Thank heavens!  GomerBlog can’t believe the news we’re about to deliver!  But he did it!  HE DID IT!!!  He pooped!  The patient in room 423 at Durham Medical...
respiratory rate

Nurse Suspended for Consistently Charting Respiratory Rate of 16

CHICAGO, IL - Nurse Jamie Inspira was suspended from Atlantic Memorial Hospital last week.  In a report that was just made public, it was stated that Nurse Inspira, RN continually charted respiratory rates (RR)...
Da Vinci Kong, gorilla

Video Game Review: Da Vinci Kong

Pros / Though the iconic stubborn ape of the original Donkey Kong series is hard to replace, Da Vinci holds his own as a soon-to-be iconic stubborn mechanical ape in Da Vinci Kong. Cons /...
nightingale notes on nursing

Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing 2016 Interpretation

Florence Nightingale, "The Lady with the Lamp," is the modern founder of the nursing profession and wrote Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not in 1859, which has become a...
Fourth of July

Special Pyxis to Dispense American Flags & Flair

FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA, AMERICA - Hospitals and clinics across this great land of ours will be using special Pyxis machines to dispense American flags and flair to all patients hospitalized and all health...
iv pca infusion pump WiFi

In the Name of Patient Satisfaction, IV Pumps Fitted with WiFi

BOSTON, MA - As much as they don’t want to admit it, health care professionals have succumbed to the reality of patient satisfaction surveys and the fact they are here to stay, which partially...

Nurse O.J. Simpson Can’t Ever Get a Glove to Fit

BRENTWOOD, CA - Geez, O.J. Simpson just can't get a break!  He has been asked over and over again to go into a patient's room, but there are no gloves that fit him! They...

ER’s New Dilaudid Salt Lick, Admissions Down 90%

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sutter Health System is changing the game.  In a world of overcrowded ERs and the inability to triage efficiently, new innovations must be considered.  Sutter Health instituted a Dilaudid Salt Lick™ to...