Sunday, May 9, 2021


shag OR

Operating Room from the 70s Shutting Down, ‘Difficult to Clean’

NEW YORK, NY – Disco isn’t dead, yet.  One of the last remaining icons of the great disco movement in NYC still remains in St. Jude’s Operating Room #4. “This OR was and still is the grooviest...

Little Man Living in Alaris Pump: I’m Lonely

GomerBlog was able to get an exclusive interview with the little man who lives in the Alaris pump, currently in room 2016.  “I’m just lonely that’s all,” he told us. This little man, who wants...

RN Relieved to Find Out That Patient’s Family Member’s Aunt is a Nurse

HASTINGS, CA – Jenny Pasternak, an ICU nurse, was “very worried” about her shift tonight.  “I have been working as a nurse for 14 years and every day I come to work clueless, just faking it,”...

Body Image Issues Linked to Color-Coded Hospital Scrubs Size

PALO ALTO, CA - Scrubs are fairly shapeless.  If you can discern shapes, the wearer is likely pregnant or wearing the wrong size.  The ultimate in utility wear, hospital scrubs never make it to the...
malpractice attorney

Malpractice Attorney Says Nightly Prayer for More Medical Errors, Deaths

MEMPHIS, TN - Mark Edmunds, JD, a local medical malpractice attorney, is proud to be a caring father, a giving person, and a devout Christian.  He attends services regularly, sings in his church choir, and prays...

Surgeon Performs Appendectomy, Still Trying to Convince OR Staff That It Was Infected

KNOXVILLE, TN – General surgeon Dr. Hendrick Knightsville is being credited with quite an acting performance in operating room 7.  Dr. Knightsville took a 24-year-old patient to surgery for suspected appendicitis. During the appendectomy it was...

Elderly Male Patient Enjoying Foley Catheter, Refuses Removal

SPANISH FORT, AL - South Hospital has taken a brave step to become latex free by 2016.  The board voted to replace the soft, elastic, flexible urinary foley catheters with a latex-free alternative. “I was worried by...

Hospital Taking Patient Satisfaction Scores Way Too Seriously

CHICAGO, IL - "Simply outrageous," were comments expressed by physicians and nurses in regards to how hospital administrators were implementing new management policies at Mercy Hospital.  Administrators are informing GomerBlog that the changes to patient care...

Mesh Underwear Now Under Lock and Key

ATLANTA, GA - Mercy Hospital was forced to place their mesh underwear under lock and key due to staff constantly taking them home for personal use.  Hospital administrator Darlene Chalmers tells reporters that one of their...

Inventor of Call Light Enjoying the 9th Ring of Hell

9TH RING, HELL – Johnathon Knochasilver, known for his famous invention The Call Light, passed away last year from ironically not being able to call for help when he was choking on his hospital...