Sunday, May 9, 2021


Texas Ebola Doctor: ‘Nurse, I’ll Be Right Behind You’

DALLAS, TX - Reports are coming in that during the care of the Liberian Ebola victim, the lead physician told his nurse: "Let's go into the room together.  I’ll be right behind you."  Dr. Wesles,...
Nurses must now wear reflective belts

Hospital Mandates Nurses Wear Yellow Safety Belts While Checking Out Pyxis Medications

NORFOLK, VA - Hospital administrators want to crack down on medication errors and they are willing to go to any length to do it.  New studies show that many medication errors occur as nurses...
patient satisfaction survey

Patient Satisfaction Survey Study Halted, Mortality Increased 238% with Patient Satisfaction

LOS ANGELES, CA - "We have to halt this study immediately!" was a warning issued by lead researcher, Dr. Hans Willford from UCLA.  "Long-term mortality rates are sky rocketing over our placebo groups." In an effort...

Patient Able to Get Dilaudid Just Before Leaving AMA

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Michael Redmond - a patient so regular to St. Joseph Hospital’s ER that if he doesn’t show up for a couple days, the staff gets worried that he may be actually sick...
shag OR

Operating Room from the 70s Shutting Down, ‘Difficult to Clean’

NEW YORK, NY – Disco isn’t dead, yet.  One of the last remaining icons of the great disco movement in NYC still remains in St. Jude’s Operating Room #4. “This OR was and still is the grooviest...

Little Man Living in Alaris Pump: I’m Lonely

GomerBlog was able to get an exclusive interview with the little man who lives in the Alaris pump, currently in room 2016.  “I’m just lonely that’s all,” he told us. This little man, who wants...

RN Relieved to Find Out That Patient’s Family Member’s Aunt is a Nurse

HASTINGS, CA – Jenny Pasternak, an ICU nurse, was “very worried” about her shift tonight.  “I have been working as a nurse for 14 years and every day I come to work clueless, just faking it,”...

Body Image Issues Linked to Color-Coded Hospital Scrubs Size

PALO ALTO, CA - Scrubs are fairly shapeless.  If you can discern shapes, the wearer is likely pregnant or wearing the wrong size.  The ultimate in utility wear, hospital scrubs never make it to the...