Thursday, July 28, 2022


isolation gown

How to Put on a Contact Isolation Gown

If you've never done it before, putting on a contact isolation gown can be quite tricky.  It might be easier to put on a straitjacket.  Here's our step-by-step guide, walking you through each step and...
Couple watching TV

Debtflix: View School Debt On-Demand Anytime, Anywhere

LOS GATOS, CA - Netflix, a leading provider of subscription-based on-demand streaming media to over 70 million people worldwide, revealed a new service called Debtflix, allowing health care practitioners to view their graduate school...

Daredevil Patient on Bed Jumps Through Ring of Fire

LAS VEGAS, NV - Patient Brian McDowell put on a show for the ages, as he became the first patient on a hospital bed to successfully leap through a ring of fire unscathed.  Performed during...
Da Vinci Kong, gorilla

Video Game Review: Da Vinci Kong

Pros / Though the iconic stubborn ape of the original Donkey Kong series is hard to replace, Da Vinci holds his own as a soon-to-be iconic stubborn mechanical ape in Da Vinci Kong. Cons /...

CPR Guidelines Made Even Simpler

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was replaced by only chest compression in 2008 after a slow de-emphasis on replacement breathing.  This made CPR simple and easy to remember, and the chest compressions were set to the cadence of...