Friday, April 8, 2022


Pharmacists playing poker

Hidden Camera in VA Pharmacy Shows Pharmacists Playing Poker Instead of Dispensing Drugs

HARTFORD, CT - Recent video footage of workers at Parkland VA Hospital’s pharmacy playing poker has surfaced and is now "going viral."  The hidden camera in the back of the pharmacy caught 6 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians...

Shark Attack Victim Denied Narcotics

PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - Skip Sanders alternated between spearfishing and surfing, depending on the waves.  Yesterday, an errant harpoon from his spear gun grazed a bull shark. Chomping ensued. Despite the loss of all four limbs, Skip managed...
cancer drug

Cancer Drug Delayed 2 Years Due to Licensing Deal

Boston, MA – Astra-Nomical has delayed their wonder cancer drug, Fizamax (ferazepatab), again. This time up to 2 years because of promotional disputes. “We were in late talks with Lucasfilm to have their new Jedi...
doctor prescribing

Doctor’s Last Drug-Rep Pen Running Out of Ink, Future Prescription Decisions Uncertain

CRANQUISVILLE, USA - The Affordable Care Act of 2010 brought many changes to the US healthcare (insurance) system, and doctors have already felt the impact in many ways - in their finances, their reputations,...

Doctorate of Pharmacy Programs to Add CVS, Walgreens Rewards Card Education Requirement

WASHINGTON, DC - As a result of successful congressional lobbying efforts by the “big corner drug store” lobby, doctorate of pharmacy programs nationwide will begin requiring students to be proficient in knowledge regarding rewards...
salmon eggs

Protamine Shortage Amid Strike at Salmon Sperm Acquisition Factory

DALLAS, TX - Add another to the list: protamine.  This antidote to heparin is on national shortage and warnings are being issued to hospitals nationwide. Protamine comes from the sperm of salmon.  At the largest...

New Multivitamin Cures Cancer, Heart Disease, Famine, Evil

SAN DIEGO, CA - A new miracle multivitamin released by pharmaceutical company Pfizer last month has taken the world by storm as it not only cures cancer and heart disease, but also depression, diabetes,...

Pharmacy Creates Express Line for Psychotropic Drugs

HOUSTON, TX - A local pharmacy has taken a novel approach to meet the need of patients’ hectic schedules.  Whereas most pharmacies disperse medication on a first-come, first-serve basis, this pharmacy has recognized an area...

Horse Veterinarian-Turned-Physician Prescribing Too Many Large Pills and Euthanasia

BALTIMORE, MD – Former top equine veterinarian for race horses and now turned top physician, Dr. Zack Berger of Johns Hopkins, has been called out by his colleagues for his unusual practices. Whistleblower and colleague, Dr....

Nostalgic Pharmacists Yearn for Good ‘Ole Days of Illegible Doctors’ Prescriptions

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Though pharmacists appreciate the progress that has been made with electronic health records (EHR) and e-prescriptions over the past two decades, many admit they kind of miss the good ‘ole...