Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Ode to Thyroid: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Listen I have to confess I have not been appreciative of you You give and you give and you give But you also know when to pull back You keep me from being a fat tired constipated mess You don’t...
Erie Canal ear canal

The Difference Between an Ear Canal & the Erie Canal

Unless you're an otolaryngologist from upstate New York, understanding the differences between an ear canal and the Erie Canal can prove very difficult.  Gomerblog tries to help describe the subtle differences.  This article does...

Breaking: 1 in 500 Can’t Smell What The Rock is Cooking

HAYWARD, CA - The Rock says it all the time: "Can YA SMELL-LALALALALALALLALALA-OWWWWWW what The Rock…. is cooking?!"  But can everyone smell what The Rock is cooking?  It turns out roughly 1 in 500...
Maria Sharapova shriek

Sharapova Returns with Shriek So Strong Her Own Ear Bleeds

FLUSHING, NY - In the fourth game of the third set, Sharapova unleashed a powerful forehand winner with a shriek so piercing it caused otic hemorrhage for everyone in attendance at Arthur Ashe Stadium....

Trump Tweets About Several Medical Specialties

Trump is at it again.  This time it involves tweets regarding several medical specialties. Enjoy!
picking nose

ENT Cannot Bear to Watch as Man Picking Nose Tempts Fate

ATLANTA, GA - Sure, otolaryngologist Eric Osawa was trying to enjoy his day off today, but has now found himself at a coffee shop looking away in horror, unable to bear the sight of 38-year-old...
Salivation Army

Salivation Army Collects Record Number of Oral Secretions for Those in Need

LONDON, ENGLAND - The Salivation Army, an organization renowned all the world over for its charitable efforts, has announced that a recent donation drive ending this past week has produced over 5 billion gallons of oral...
foot mouth

Podiatry & ENT Take July Intern to OR to Surgically Remove Foot from Mouth

PHILADELPHIA, PA - In a classic July intern move that would make Scrubs' Dr. Elliot Reid proud, intern Timothy Wilcox accidentally insulted a woman by asking her "When's the baby due?" even though she wasn't pregnant....

ENT Parody of Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulate – Pure Awesomeness

ENTs, you gotta show some love for this song! This might become your official anthem. Thank you Matt Dogg and Kareem T for this killa video and tight song.  Well done!  Are you sure...
traffic jam Flonase

Doctor Tries to Clear Up Traffic Congestion with Flonase

ATLANTA, GA - Sincerely hoping that the rush-hour traffic this afternoon is just a manifestation of seasonal allergies, internist Roger Willoughby has just given two spritzes of Flonase (fluticasone) outside of both his driver's...