JACKSONVILLE, MSGomerBlog investigated a Coumadin clinic in Jacksonville and revealed a dark side to their daily operations.  The Jacksonville Coumadin Clinic was able to offer patients faster service for less cost in providing INR measurements for patients on common blood thinners such as Coumadin.  Other clinics just couldn’t compete with the amazing service and low cost.

blood drawIt wasn’t until GomerBlog was interviewing a patient for an unrelated story involving how pet monkeys can cure schizophrenia that an intriguing medical story arose.  In the interview, an anonymous patient stated that she had been going to the Jacksonville Coumadin Clinic and they had a new device that could read her INR “through her skin” instead of drawing blood.

Other reporters headed over to the clinic and it was indeed true what was happening.  Patients were being seen, scanned, and given an instantaneous number, which they were led to believe was their iNR.

Upon confronting the nurses working at the clinic, one nurse broke down and confessed.  “Okay, okay, you caught us.  We were just getting so sick and tired of drawing blood day in and day out.  That is all we did.  We drew blood and placed it in a machine.  Repeat.”

The day-to-day mundaneness finally got to everybody working there until one day, a nurse decided just to ballpark INRs based upon any bruising on the patients.  “It just made things so simple.  The patients loved it since they didn’t need to be poked and they were out of our clinic quickly.  We loved it for the same reason.”

The clinic is being shut down as we speak, but begs reminding people that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true… unless you chose to go into the specialty of dermatology, then it is still true.



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