Mayim Bialik may be the straw that broke the camel’s back once and for all for Anesthesiologists throughout the world. On Friday night’s Jeopardy during the meet and greet portion, Bialik referred to one of the contestants who is an anesthesiologist as “just an anesthesiologist”, and not a surgeon. 

Contestant, Dr. Yian Chen, was telling a story about how he became a doctor which involved trying to master the “claw” machine as a child when Bialik responded, “That’s pretty awesome, but you didn’t become a surgeon, just an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Megan Mcgrath, head of The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) was taking a break from developing more MOCA sims and watching Jeopardy live when the deathblow struck.  “That’s a wrap folks, we give up,” stated Mcgrath. Recent public surveys have indicated that 88% of the general population doesn’t think Anesthesiologists are physicians.  Another surveys demonstrated 93% of patients think the Anesthesiologist’s job is to “just get me off to sleep” and nothing else.

“Bialik reaffirmed this tonight and so it is probably time to just hang it up. We are all just wannaby surgeons who weren’t smart enough in anatomy lab or who didn’t play enough video games growing up,” a choking up Mcgrath tried to say.

The ASA will rebrand to the ASJA or The American Society of Just Anesthesiologists and will likely move towards working at Mattress Discounters operating bed controls for new customers in their showrooms.  Hospital administrators plan to fill the void with anyone working in or near a hospital that is wearing a white lab coat and scrubs.