crazy ICD-10 diagnosis

Clinicians around the country were happy to learn that “Crazy” has been added to the upcoming ICD-10 codes, a most recent update to International Classification of Diseases used extensively in the medical system to help standardize diagnosis, treatment, and reimbursement.  “Crazy” will be located next to the “Dr. Oz says” code due to the frequent combination of the two.

crazy ICD-10 diagnosisDr. Regulson of the American Medical Association commented, “The new code is anticipated to ease classification of multiple disease states, patient presentations, combination of comorbidities, and all sorts of other nonsense that we have to deal with in patients with no actual psychiatric conditions.”

Dr. Stevens of CMS, and chair of the ICD committee mentioned, “I am surprised we did not include this frequently encountered condition in our prior updates.  We have all sorts of obscure diagnoses in there.  Look at these, ‘Injury sustained due to unsafe operation of a wheelbarrow,’ ‘Disorder due to a complicated encounter with a marine mammal NOS,’ and my favorite ‘Unspecified malaise,’ but no one ever thought to put ‘Crazy’ in.  And there is a whole lot of it out there.”

Dr. Samuelson, a practicing hospitalist enthusiastically added, “While ‘Crazy’ is not a uniform medical condition, it is encountered very frequently and across multiple specialties and we need a way to document it just like other diagnoses.  The other day I had a patient who presented with ’10/10 brain pain.’  Not a headache, mind you.  She literally told me that the left side of her brain is in 10/10 pain while texting and drinking a Mountain Dew.  When ICD-10 is finally in place, I will be able to put ‘Crazy’ in the electronic chart and bill a high complexity visit.  Good job, ICD guys.”

While there is considerable excitement in the medical community about the new diagnosis code, some say that the measure does not go far enough to characterize a complex cornucopia of medical conditions, and that “Not with the program,” “Out to lunch,” and “Absolutely off their freaking rocker” should also be added.



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