Dr. Oz testifying

WASHINGTON, DC – The ICD-10 has recently added a last minute section to include codes for an epidemic that has been creeping into US medical offices over the past several years.  Dr. Oz’s quackery is starting to have a big impact upon our poor primary care doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses out on the front line.  In fact just a week ago, many physicians wrote a letter to Columbia University wanting Dr. Oz to be removed as a faculty member.

Dr. Oz testifying
Dr. Oz being sent to Timeout by Congress

“I just can’t take this anymore,” proclaimed Dr. Samantha Jenkins, a family medicine physician in New Jersey.  “If I hear ‘Dr. Oz says’ one more time, I just might close up shop here!”

Dr. Jenkins isn’t alone in her reaction and the World Health Organization (WHO) has listened to tens of thousands of complaining health care providers.

“Thank goodness the WHO recognized this sweeping epidemic hitting medical offices across the country,” stated AMA president Dr. Robert Wah.  “Being able to code and bill higher at a level 5 visit (99205/99215) for patients coming in with a ‘Dr. Oz says’ ICD-10 chief complaint should at least help offices out financially.”

The root of the problem still exists as long as Dr. Oz continues his show on the air.  Some medical experts are already calling this epidemic significant and are lobbying congress to shut down his show.

Wah continued, “Dr. Oz may be more dangerous to society than polio, measles, and pertussis combined in the 1920s.  The medical advice that he spews without any scientific evidence is irresponsible and misleading to the public.  Unfortunately I have to now place him in the same category as Jenny McCarthy, simply a shame given that he was a fantastic cardiothoracic surgeon, key emphasis on was.”

Many primary care providers now spend 20-30 minutes of their scheduled 10-minute sessions with patients discussing the #1 miracle weight loss supplement, a toxin-cleansing product, or a mega vitamin that gets 99.9% excreted by the kidney anyway.  A recent study demonstrated that the popular children’s show Doc McStuffins is in fact more evidence based than Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz’s charisma and enthusiasm for products on his show unfortunately leads the general population to believe him.  Most people don’t even realize that Dr. Oz’s colonoscopy results became public and proved that he is FOS.

“At least insurance companies are beginning to see the crisis and fallout that Dr. Oz has created!  The next step will be stripping his credentials and shutting down the show.”



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  • Laurie40

    I’d be more outraged at the scheduled “10 minute” appointment …shameful.

  • breed7

    While I realize this is satire, there is a great deal of truth in it. I know people who buy all this Dr. Oz crap, and they end up with bigger health problems because of it. Whether it’s because they try the herbal crap that doesn’t do a thing, and they end up sicker, or because they unnecessarily go to the doctor thinking they have some rare disease, it’s bad medicine.

    Shows that purport to give health advice, medical advice, or psychological advice should be banned from television, because far too many unintelligent people fall for this BS. Yes, that’s right — if you watch Dr. Oz, you are not an intelligent person.

  • Zaphod

    Thats 100% untrue. Do the majority of diet pills work, anti aging creams, scar creams/fader? Snake oil will change and evolve to suit the buyers, but it is still snake oil. No, and in some categories none of them work at all, hope and magical thinking is more powerful than you seem to grasp.

    Everything else you say has no bearing on either the topic at hand or what you subsequently said, its just red herrings and actually serve to further undermine your position, which seems based on wanting it to be true because you either find this Oz likeable or one of his products.

  • Scott A.

    she didn’t say that. I am however.

  • Citlali

    I had to do exactly that once. Because the “professionals” were so cock sure they were right. If I hadn’t stood my ground and forced them to *listen* and literally shove information under their arrogant noses I would be dead. It’s nice that you’re so certain of your “expertise”. How many of your patients have died because of it?

  • The guy in knickers

    I wrote what I meant.. You parrot what you think will validate your POV.

  • The guy in knickers

    I have led ye to the water… it is up to you to take a drink.

  • Beth Partin

    I can relate!!!

  • Wendy Fletcher

    Beth Partin: can you relate?

  • Greg

    Good job on realizing that Fox promotes myth as fact. Soon, you will
    realize that the same is true for CNN and MSNBC. If it’s on TV,
    advertisers control what content is allowed on the air..

  • Guest

    Good job on realizing that Fox promotes myth as fact. Soon, you will realize that the same is true for CNN and MSNBC. If it’s on TV, advertisers control what content is allowed on the air.

  • Greg

    I know MDs, RDs and nutritionists who use herbs as well. The good MDs are the ones who practice complimentary medicine- using herbs, diet, exercise, massage, yoga, …etc, as well as pharmaceutical drugs, but only when absolutely necessary. Many are starting to go this route, realizing that the science is there, it’s working and that the pharmaceutical drugs are much harder on the system than most other modalities that work just as well or even better. Up until a few years ago, most med students were only required to take about 25 hours of nutrition in school. This is changing.

    In 2014, with the science, long history, and countless anecdotes, it’s extremely silly for anybody in the medical profession to use the term “herbal crap”. MDs are catching on. Patients are catching on. MDs who won’t look into herbalism, nutrition, massage, yoga, …etc. and continue to over-prescribe drugs will continue to lose business to those who are keeping up with the times.

  • Carla Krueger

    sorry bite me ! couldnt help I’m not educated

  • Landall Hathorn

    Punctuation is our friend.

  • Freya Nielsen

    Dr. Oz has a medical team to review the research. He also has other specialists on the show to communicate THEIR opinion. His show is just the vehicle. Dr. Oz does not endorse any product so where is he getting this money you speak of? (other than being paid for his time to do the show)

    Many MD’s are paid off by the pharmaceutical industry and I have seen this directly. Big Pharma has also been convicted of fraud and lying to and endangering the public for the almighty dollar. Please.

    There is a reason why the natural health industry has exploded. People are choosing to spend their money on these products. If it was all crap, it would have just died out. If something doesn’t work, people stop buying. Period.

  • Freya Nielsen

    A Naturopathic doctor uses “herbal crap” to treat patients so it pretty much inferred to me that she was insulting them as well. I agree that plant medicines are fantastic as I have studied and used them. I don’t know enough about homeopathy to make a comment. Too many people take the whole “if you’re not up on it, you’re down on it” approach and it’s annoying.

  • Zaphod

    And if we do our homework and conclude its still pretty much crap, than of course we’re wrong right. Many of us have, he’s a quack because he gave in to the money ahead of whats best for people.

  • Marcy James

    So, so naive. : /

  • Greg

    Amanda didn’t say anything about Naturopathic doctors. I disagree on the “herbal crap” comment, but agree with the homeopathic comment. Plant medicines are fantastic, sugar pills are just that- sugar… placebo. Amanda, calling Freya an embarrassment? Wow, you sound like a great person to take medical/nutrition advice from.

  • Jonathan Kitchens

    You know what they call “Alternative Medicine” that works? MEDICINE!

  • Marilyn Wiener

    You are so right!…about that Green Coffee Bean extract..

  • gomerblog

    Hilarious ZDogg!

  • Stephen Herbertson

    You can’t solve “stupid” with Obamacare… repairing our education system is the only thing that will help that.

  • Conic Ellipse

    He will talk about products or tell us to look into them. But, he never recommends a specific brand. He does NOT make money on these products. He has a place on his website where you can report any marketer saying, “Dr. Oz recommends”. He prosecutes because THEY are the ones dragging his name and reputation through the mud.

    I have only occasionally watch the show. But, in the shows that I have watched, he pointed me to some problems that were plaguing me for which I could not find an answer! I’d do more research and then go into my docs office and tell him what I found. Dr. Oz was right EVERY TIME! Thank you Dr. Oz!

  • Conic Ellipse

    I read CNN’s website, every day. It’s hilarious how they spin things. CNN will print an article. In the comments section you’ll see all the libs come out in droves in support of said article.

    I’ll reply with a link to an article that completely contradicts everything in said article. The REALLY funny thing is, the link points to another article on the SAME CNN website from articles that were printed even just a day earlier!

    So, try again.

  • Tina Cardenas Castelein


  • Conic Ellipse

    Obviously, you mean democrat. It’s okay. We understand your disability.

  • Robin Erie Stewart


  • Kerrie Welsh Sanders

    And none of them work!

  • Theresa Cafaro
  • ZDoggMD

    Status Ozilepticus NOS

  • Gomerblog

    You are so naive

  • Angela Paints

    hahah so Doctors would prefer patients to not even question them, rather than have to explain something to patient?

  • Beth Lowe

    ER discharge instructions…refrain from using webMD or watching Dr. OZ. Follow up with your primary care physician.

  • Bob B Bopp

    Don’t forget Dr Google.

  • Toni Parks

    Spelling is the least of your problems. Have you heard of punctuation?

  • Toni Parks

    and congress? Really? Good luck with that!

  • Sue Kathmann

    Anyone who would bother to watch his show would realize that he only promotes healthy eating and exercise. Not products!!!!!!

  • Freya Nielsen

    So you’re saying that a Naturpathic doctor is an idiot? Wow, maybe you need a few more years with an open mind. I feel sorry for you if you think pills are the only way. Drugs have their place but as a society, we are over medicated. Sad.

  • Amanda Smith, PharmD

    I’m a PharmD and I’ve taken a year of nutrition and herbal crap. Good nutrition is good nutrition, and a majority of herbal products and all homeopathic products are completely garbage. You’re an embarrassment to our profession, sadly.

  • rxcello

    Funny… but “partitioning congress”? Could they possibly mean “petitioning Congress”?

  • Brett Goy

    About time, it should also be a legal defense as well

  • Iris Gonzalez

    …or a code for, I don’t know why they came in, because they didn’t want to hear a thing I had to say…?

  • Maria Hall Bisceglia

    Michael Bisceglia

  • cvryder2000

    “Partitioning congress”? Really? I assume the writer means “petitioning” but he should really learn to write English before publishing!

  • Monica Alberts Wood

    Just the title cracks me up! Haven’t even read it yet! Wow–how can one guy make so much nonsense become “common knowledge”. He makes us all work harder, undoing his damage.

  • Freya Nielsen

    Before any of you can make comments, you should all be forced to take a 2 year course on Nutrition and Natural Health..complete with evidence based medicine to support the facts presented in the course. Once you actually are up on this very important topic, you can then go back to making comments. I am a pharmacist and before I took my course, I was REALLY IGNORANT about this area of health. As health professionals, you can’t just know about pills and say you are health experts. Dr. Oz may use some flowery language but there is a lot of factual information presented by nutritional experts and MD’s with specialties etc Don’t judge until you’ve actually done your homework.

  • Chris Hk

    We all forgot about Google M.D. tuition is cheap.

  • Kristina Boidi

    Angela Haggett

  • Carla Krueger

    Yea alot of misspelled words sorry I mean I have had to go to alot of doctors because of a car accident now when I took one Dr’s opinion to another dr it would get them aggravated so I’ve learned to not do that it’s an insult now dr oz is a heart surgeon but from a tv show to my local dr it would be no different then taking what Oprah said on her show to argue with ur dr now she had alot of great info and how tos but u would not take that info to ur dr and argue on who is right

  • Barbara Robin


  • The guy in knickers

    so.. he turned into a republican! hahahaha

  • The guy in knickers

    Dr. OZ is the GOP Fox version of Sanjay Gupta for CNN.– are we surprised? –

    Fox promotes myth as fact- CNN promotes fact as fact…

  • MJ Jones

    Did I read that Dr Oz is now the medical editor for the National Enquirer? I thought so….

  • CGDoc

    Even worse than Dr. OZ is Dr. FB. There are so many people that turn to their Facebook friends and groups for medical advice. What kind of nation have we become? Thought Obamacare was going to solve all this.

  • Valerie Custer

    God God I wish it was true! That and Web md need their own codes.

  • Faye Karachalios Housiadas

    I had a patient pulling up Web MD on her tablet in the er arguing with me and the doctor that we were wrong lol

  • Nicholas Tobianski

    What about a code for WebMD med school is so much cheaper than real need school!

  • Justin L. Bennett

    But “Dr. Oz says” this article is a lie!

  • Marilyn Wiener

    He really has turned into the worst kind of quack…the one who makes tons of money from his recommendations.

  • Matthew Hahn

    thanks!!! Comes up a lot!

  • DK Sand


  • Jeanie Doverspike-Damron


  • Tori Ketterling

    Love it.

  • John Mckinney

    Denise McKinney

  • Sameer Medschool

    Samiah for Mom!

  • Theresa Terri Higginbotham-Torretti
  • Lisa Gundersen


  • Habenero Reaper

    NICE! I’ve been waiting for this for years!

  • Jorge Escobar

    This is too funny!

  • Carla Krueger

    jeese I like dr oz this is stupid ppl need to take his show as a personal learning and info show its what is is u dint take ones professional opinion to ur personal professional who’s right there for u and slap him or her in the face with their opinion

  • Alli Cray


  • Michelle Ferguson

    Graham Wellington

  • Chris Stalling

    Melissa Stalling hahaha fuckin sellout

  • Anne Hale

    And Dr Google

  • Robin Cartwright

    Can we throw in Food Babe?

  • Patty Ellis

    No kidding! Loved the story, though I don’t get much of “Dr. Oz says” in my small, rural ER in NC, thankfully.

  • Melissa Stalling

    Chris Stalling

  • Gomerblog

    Thanks! Partitioning congress would be like physically herding cats!

  • Patty Ellis

    Oops! Petitioning, not partitioning!

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