orthopedic surgery

NEW YORK, NYGomerBlog is ecstatic to bring you breaking news out of OR 7 today at University Medical Center.  Dr. Stewart Shoemyer, a prominent orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total joints, completed a total hip arthroplasty with an estimated blood loss (EBL) of only 50 cc.  This amazing feat was Dr. Shoemyer’s 1000th consecutive surgery with an EBL of 50 cc.

orthopedic surgeryShoemyer is expected to give a speech tonight with some keys phrases to include “excellent surgical precision,” “God-like reflexes,” and “not mortal” with of course “massive props to the Striker reps.”

“Simply incredible,” stated anesthesiologist Dr. Emily Ruekers as she was hanging a 300 ml cell saver bag along with 2 units of PRBCs just to top things off.  “To consistently have so many total joints with EBLs of 50 is something unheard of.  Congrats Dr. Shoemyer.  Here’s to another 1000!”

Critics were quick to point out that although EBL has been reported to be 50 cc every surgery, 28% of patients have required 2 units of PRBCs, 15% have required 4 units of PRBCs, and 5% have required massive transfusion protocols postoperatively.

Shoemyer chalks the discrepancy up to anesthesia providers having too low a trigger for transfusion, such as ectopi or ST depression, and poor post-operative management by medical teams on the wards.



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