WASHINGTON, DC – Last week former FBI director James Comey made a startling disclosure: he had given parts of his opening statement before the Senate Intelligence Committee to a friend with the hopes he would leak it to the press.  Being a good friend he did just that.  Although the statement and related documents contained no classified or bombshell information, President Trump was swift to rebuke, “He’s a leaker.”

This news came as a surprise to almost everyone, that is, except Comey’s urologist Dr.
Ian P. Cockburn.  “He has been leaking for some time.  I just didn’t know he had confided in
President Trump about such a personal matter.”  Cockburn went on to add he felt it was poor taste for Trump to disclose such a personal matter to the American people.  “He really should have kept that to himself.  Most people don’t care that when Jim has the urge to urinate he has little time to waste.”

When the Gomerblog team reached out to Sean Spicer during the daily White House press briefing hoping for some clarification Spicer deflected any sort of explanation.  “What the President is trying to do is bring broader awareness about the challenges people face with overactive bladder.  I don’t know if he intended to share Comey’s personal health information.”

Although unusual, it is not unprecedented for politicians or public figures to disclose
genitourinary struggles as we saw with Bob Dole’s very public battle with erectile dysfunction and the hero sildenafil (Viagra) saving the day.



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