orthopedic surgery kid
orthopedic surgery kid fifty bucks
Sorry, bruh, this kid loves dem bones!

MIAMI, FL – Without waiting to see how his prepubescent, teenage, or even college years pan out, Gomerblog is already going to call it: fifty bucks says this kid’s going into Orthopedic Surgery.

“I mean, he’s what six?” asked Doktor Schnabel of Gomerblog.  “And he’s already looking at joint films?  I know we’re like twenty some-odd years away but whether this kid likes it or not, he’s doomed to be an orthopod.  He’s way ahead of pace regarding his developmental milestones.”

Gomerblog’s Lord Lockwell says the skeleton in the background is a dead giveaway, no pun intended.  “I bet the first word he ever spoke was femur.  His second and third words were ex fix.”

According to classmates, he’s already turfing math and reading assignments to Medicine.

“From what I hear, he’s going to trip some kid, take his lunch money, then aspirate his knee to rule out septic arthritis,” said Dr. Amy G Dala.  “Damn him and the big biceps he will undoubtedly develop.”

Ophthalmologist Dr. Glaucomflecken doesn’t believe all hope is lost.  “In the slight event he starts squinting at that X-ray, Ophtho is on the table.”

Pediatric ortho fellow Tiny Arms Tim is saddened by the fact that this kid’s guns are already bigger than his.

The kid, or orthopodino, declined comments with Gomerblog since he plans on lifting some toys and ripping his coloring book in two at any moment.



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