nurse float pool

Kearney, NE – Kind Humanitarian Hospital. Staff at KHH were saddened to learn that a long time nurse Lara Kennedy drowned in the nursing Float Pool overnight. Local nurse Amy Lace was in shock, as nurse Kennedy was known to be an excellent floater and has floated into ICU, Med-Surg, NICU, PACU, occasionally even floating to fill openings in the pharmacy, cafeteria and the loading dock.

nurse float poolMrs. Sarah Tonin, the director of Nursing @ KHH assured the community that KHH’s Float Pool was up to the Aquatic Industry’s standards and an investigative committee was being formed. For the course of the investigation however, all nurses entering the Float Pool will be issued floaties plus whistles and full time lifeguards will be posted at both ends of the pool. Furthermore, in addition to NCLEX, NNAAP and MACE, all nurses will be required to pass a swim test. Extra-credit will be given to those nurses able to chart while swimming.

JHACO and OSHA and US Department of Parks announced separate investigations into the safety conditions of the Float Pool at KHH.

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