UNITED STATES – American citizens have given Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, permission to sneak in a 15-minute power nap, believing he has earned it, Gomerblog reports.

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge in COVID-19, and the American public has been thankful not only for Fauci’s expertise, but his ability to communicate the facts clearly and in a calm manner. He has been tireless in his efforts. For these reasons and his suggestion we watch Bob Ross videos to soothe our nerves, he has been rewarded with a nice bit of naptime.

American citizens from coast to coast have their alarms set to ensure that Fauci doesn’t oversleep by one single second.

It’s going to be a long fifteen minutes.

Dr. Fauci at White House briefing, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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