Plastic Surgery Satire Articles


Lyft Offshoot FaceLyft Offers Patients Rides To, From Plastic Surgeons

Mom Still Cleaning Up After Surgeon Son

bread & butter

Surgical “Bread & Butter” Cases to be Reimbursed with Bread & Butter

Most Popular Medical Questions of 2016 by State

KevinMD Rescues Burned-Out Physician from Tree

atls by medical specialty

Do You Know Your ABCs by Subspecialty?


New Cosmetic Anesthesia Services Get Glowing Patient Reviews

CALABASAS, CA – Patient satisfaction has skyrocketed at a local California hospital after the ...

castor troy

Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Leaves Man Nearly Identical To Nicholas Cage

SALEM, OR- The title tells the tale.  Oregonian Nate Carthage is now nearly identical ...

bone socks

Medical Specialty Sock Memes, Part 2

And the sock meme medical specialty list continues!  We definitely can’t forget about Orthopedics! ...