Wednesday, August 5, 2020
gunner med student

Gunner Med Student Sends Interns Home, Says He’s Got This

BOSTON, MA - Clearly shooting for the highest grade possible on his internal medicine rotation, self-proclaimed third-year gunner med student Grayson McGravy told the two medicine interns on his team to go home this morning because "I got...
standardized patient

Next Level Thinking: Med Student Admits Standardized Patient

PORTLAND, OR - A medical student at Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine not only conquered her standardized patient encounter but took it to the next level when she admitted...
medical student

Medical Student Reports He’s ‘Just Not That Interested’ In Clinical Rotation; Attending Physicians Quit

A shocking series of events has left Salem Teaching Hospital in complete disarray. The issues began when third-year medical student Daniel Greene bluntly stated that he was “just not that interested” in his required...
bone marrow

A for Effort: Med Student Palpates Patient’s Bone Marrow

NASHVILLE, TN - In an effort to both better improve her physical exam skills and understand the etiology of pancytopenia, third-year Vanderbilt medical student Marianne Cash spent the better part of this morning palpating...
eyeball retina

Medical Student Accidentally Identifies Retina on Fundoscopic Exam

BOSTON, MA – Third-year medical student Iris Conners did the one thing that every medical trainee, and frankly every human in any field of medicine, aspires to achieve in their career: she saw the...

Medical Student Disappears in Search of Mysterious Codman Triangle

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Arun Matthews, a 3rd year medical student has been reported missing from his third floor library cubicle since the early hours of yesterday. According to his peers, he was last seen...

Next-Generation Robotic Simulation Patients to Contain Real Humans

After years of experience building advanced robotic simulation patients, The SimCenter of America design team thinks they’ve reached another technological breakthrough. “Basically, we found that despite the best in applied research, our robotic simulation patients...

Medical Student Draws Blood for the First Time, Prefers Using Markers Over Crayon

In a rural hospital in West Virginia, Vance Agarwal a fourth year medical student nearing the end of a rural medicine elective had the opportunity to draw blood for the first time. Under the...
Hippocrates Plato

Breaking: Hippocrates Copy & Pasted Oath from Plato’s Note

ATHENS, GREECE - The Archaeological Society of Athens has rocked the medical world after it has found overwhelming evidence suggesting that the Hippocratic Oath wasn't written by Hippocrates at all, that it was copied...

Breaking: Resident Answers ‘Yes’ When Third-Year Medical Student Asks if They Can Help With...

CHICAGO, IL – It was approximately 4:15 PM last Tuesday when Clark Gunnerson, a 3rd year medical student on his pediatrics rotation, uttered the universal phrase known all too well to the medical community. “Can I...