Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

NASA Nurses Still Awaiting Callback from Extraterrestrial Docs

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Saying it's been well over 45 minutes since they had sent the pages, nurses at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are still awaiting callbacks from any of several extraterrestrial...
Foley, bloodbath

Patient Can’t Wait to Yank Out Foley, Cause Bloodbath

ATLANTA, GA - In exciting news today, patient Arnold Starks has announced that later today he will yank out his Foley with "full force and maximum torque" and absolutely looks forward to the horrific...
big sur Mother Nature

Pacific Coast Highway Closed After Mother Nature Has Large Bowel Movement

BIG SUR, CA - A massive landslide that buried a quarter mile of California's scenic Pacific Coast Highway last week has been attributed to a large bowel movement on behalf of Mother Nature. "We initially thought...
Adele Hello

Adele’s ‘Hello’ Parody for Nursing Students and Nurses

Stephanie Olmanni puts on an amazing rendition of Adele's "Hello" that any nurse or nursing student can relate to, especially when applying to California. "Parody of Adele's "Hello" describing the plight of the out-of-state California...

Physicians Hold Drexit Vote, Doctors Exit Medicine

KANSAS CITY, KS - A large, synchronous exhale was heard this morning as the results of Drexit, or Doctors Exiting Medicine, came in.  Millions of doctors around the country voted to leave medicine this Saturday....
hunger pain scale hangry

Joint Commission Releases New Hunger Pain Scale

CHICAGO, IL - Gomerblog has just received word, in fact several words, that the Joint Commission will put forth a new hunger pain scale.  This comes as the Joint Commission acknowledges that hunger pain is...
divine intervention NPO after midnight miracle insurance authorization

God Makes Patient NPO After Midnight for Miracle in the Morning

HEAVENS ABOVE - According to Gomerblog cherubs close to the All Powerful, God has informed nursing staff at Garden of Eden Medical Center to make patient Allyson Gerber NPO after midnight in preparation for a...

Breaking News: THE PATIENT POOPED!!!

DURHAM, NC - HE POOPED!!!!  OMG!!!  Thank heavens!  GomerBlog can’t believe the news we’re about to deliver!  But he did it!  HE DID IT!!!  He pooped!  The patient in room 423 at Durham Medical...

What’s It Like to Be a Murse? [Video]

This latest release from HEALTHCARE NOT FAIR is a tribute to murses, or male nurses, or really just a nurse that happens to be of the male gender.  Hope you enjoy, relate, and share with...