Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

physician on toilet paper coffee sit-to-sh*t 29 seconds

Doctor Frantically Considers Options As He Realizes There’s No Toilet Paper Mid-Poop

EL PASO, TX - Facing a crisis of unheralded proportions, medicine intern Edwin Veracruz is mulling over any and all options as he realizes mid-poop that there is no toilet paper (TP) in his...
nurses bench press

As Americans Get Fatter, Nursing Recruits More Football Players and Weightlifters

ATLANTA, GA — An old joke asks, “What do you call a nurse with a bad back?” The punchline is “unemployed.” As Americans get fatter, nurses struggle to lift and position the behemoths they...

Local ER Offering Pain Meds Freebased, or Heated on a Spoon and Injected

NORFOLK, VA – Local ER is now offering patients the option of their pain medication freebased or heated on a spoon and injected.  “We already start IVs and give narcotics for 10/10 pain, then...
CPR dummy manikin

Breaking: Nurse Successfully Resuscitates CPR Dummy Back to Human Life

NEW ORLEANS, LA - In some incredible news, critical care nurse Margie Casamento at Tulane Medical Center became the first health care practitioner to successful resuscitate a CPR dummy (or CPR manikin) back to human life....
signout mood graph

New Infographic Depicts the Mood of Two People Signing Out to One Another

JACKSON HOLE, WY - After observing thousands of signouts over the past 12 months, Gomerblog has constructed a graph depicting the mood of health care professionals depending on their role during the signout process....

Scrubs Teaches Us That “Everything Comes Down to Poo”

In the "My Musical" episode of Scrubs, we learn that no matter, whatever a patient suffers from, EVERYTHING comes down to poo!  Watch this clip and we dare you not to sing along! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsVgi8hoFFc  
charge nurse 2

Charge Nurse Forgets To Assign Herself Patients For Fifth Week In A Row

Charge Nurse Cynthia Rollins recently forgot to assign herself patients….. yet again. She swears it wasn’t purposeful but rather simply a “senior moment” in conjunction with the stress of helping the nurses around her...
angry nurse

Book Review: Chicken Soup For the Bitter Angry Nurse’s Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul has released a new book catering solely to the bitter, angry nurse. The franchise's latest installment focuses on personal stories of burnout and complete disgust for the noble nursing...
turkey sandwich haldol diets

Ultra Breaking News: Patient Doesn’t Want Turkey Sandwich

NORFOLK, VA - Gomerblog brings you a startling development: A patient hospitalized at an area hospital in Norfolk has caught his inpatient medical team off guard by stating he doesn't want a turkey sandwich...