Thursday, June 24, 2021

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

fast food

Nurses Supporting Fast Food Workers Wage Increase to $15/Hour, 93% of Nurses to Benefit

SILVER SPRING, MD - The American Nurses Association (ANA) made a shocking announcement today: Over 93% of Nurses would benefit from a new proposal to increase the minimum wage of fast food employees to...
medical student

In Catastrophic Med-School Blunder, Student Gives Actual Feedback About Rotation

In a rare but highly consequential faux pas, third-year medical student Kevin Garlander gave his actual opinion when asked about the quality of his med school rotation. “I thought that’s what they wanted,” explained a...
foley catheter

Clumsy Intern Keeps Tripping Over Patients’ Foley Catheters

BOULDER, CO - Patients, nurses, and urologists at Boulder Medical Center are starting to lose patience with intern Willie Johnson, who despite being incredibly nice and very bright, just always seems to be tripping...
inpatient bed

Nurse Disappointed to Receive Patient on Broken Inpatient Bed

CHICAGO, IL - RN Rebecca Stanton was in shock and disbelief today when she received a patient from the OR backwards, soiled, and in a broken inpatient bed. “Mr. Peters arrived from the OR to...
urine sample

Hospital Staff Deciding If Cup at Nurses Station is Filled With Urine-Colored Tea or...

BOCA RATON, FL - The hospital staff at St. Maria-De-Madrigal-Del-Toro-Del-Mar Boca Ratón Community Hospital have spent the last four hours debating whether the unidentified liquid left in a cup at the central nursing station...
hospital administrators

Jealous of Nurses Week, Hospital Administrators Plan to Create Administrators Week

ATLANTA, GA - Jealous of all the attention registered nurses (RNs) have received during Nurses Week, hospital administrators nationwide are hoping to create an Administrators Week to celebrate their contributions to healthcare.  Though hospital...
nurses getting awards

Plastic Trophy Nursing Awards Given in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC - North Carolina has the proud distinction of being the first state in the country to require nurse licensure.  In 1903, the NC General Assembly enacted laws to regulate the practice of...
nurses drinking wine

News in Brief: Medication IV Pump Coincidentally Runs Out at Change of Shift

DALLAS, TX – Nurses on Mercy Hospital’s floor 4, med-surg unit, are perplexed.  "The Alaris pumps seem to always run out 20 minutes after change of shift," charge nurse Nancy Lungrum told reporters.  Nobody...
nurse memes

Nursing Memes Collection to Help You Survive Your Shift!

Nurses, nursing students, CNAs, sometimes you just need that extra laugh to get you through a horrible shift.  Take 2 minutes to flip through these memes and hopefully we can give you enough energy...
couple kissing

Worst Pick-Up Lines by Medical Subspecialty

GomerBlog did some research on a hot and steamy topic: What are the worst pick-up lines by subspecialty?  Here goes! Allergy “I like it when you can’t breathe.” Anesthesiology “I’d love to rescue your airway.” Bariatric Surgery “Come on, I...