Thursday, September 24, 2020

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

Fancy Medical Terms and What They Really Mean

Nurses and doctors use fancy words to communicate and sound smart before patients, families and each other. Having spent most of his adult life in the hospital, Livin La Vida Locum, M.D. shares the...

Top 10 Ways to Get Invited to the Nurses’ Infamous Potluck Dinners

Physicians, if you haven’t heard of or been to some of the nurses’ break room potluck dinners you probably aren’t doing any of the items below.  These glorious buffets are a prized secret that...
nursing call light

Tips for Patients: How to Use a Call Light

Nurses are incredibly busy.  And by busy we mean doing endless charting.  So much so that they're contractually not allowed to eat or urinate.  It's no wonder that call lights were invented; to help...
doctor notes DVT PE

Charting is Independent Risk Factor for DVT and PE, Study Finds

ROCHESTER, MN - Recognizing it is a form of immobilization in which health care professionals are unable to move around much, a study newly published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that charting and documentation in an...
stage 5 pressure ulcer wound dressing wound care don't care

Wound Care Nurse Calls Pressure Ulcer a Rare “Stage 5”

BOSTON, MA - Nurse Amy Johnson has seen some pretty bad sacral decubitus ulcers in her long career as a wound care nurse, but this new consult takes the cake.  In her own words,...
icu patient

Nurse Keeps Dead Patient to Prevent Another Admission

CHARLESTON, SC - Nurse Missy Croney neglected to tell the charge nurse her patient was deceased because she couldn’t stand the idea of gaining a new admit.  “I’m so stressed already.  I don’t have...
golden nugget

Local Nurse Receives Prestigious ‘Golden Nugget’ Award

"It’s an honor," gushes RN Katherine Quinn, wiping away tears. "I’d always hoped it would be me, but I honestly didn’t think my work would be recognized," she adds. Katherine has been nursing for over 20...
wound care don't care

The Truth Comes Out: Wound Care Team Actually Doesn’t Care About Wound

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - Brace yourselves, a long-assumed notion once held about a certain class of health care professionals has just been completely obliterated: A spokesperson for the Wound Ostomy and Continence...

Patient Dies When Nurse Unable To Scan Epinephrine Vial at Code

FORT WAYNE, IN - A nurse’s worst nightmare occurred tonight at Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Fort Wayne.  A code blue was called overhead and nurses and doctors rushed to the scene of a crashing...

The 5 Stages of Boards Preparation

GomerBlog breaks down the 5 stages of Boards preparation: Denial "I don't need to study yet... it's much more important to (fill in blank: shop for Chanel skin care products, catch up on Game of Thrones...