Tuesday, June 8, 2021



Hospital Administrators March on D.C. for Safer Administrator:Patient Ratios

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Yesterday, American hospital administrators took a bold step in voicing collective frustration with their work environment, as a throng of over 12,000 of them banded together, carrying signs and marching through...
doc hunt

Video Game Review: Doc(ument) Hunt

Pros / Doc(ument) Hunt is a fun follow-up to Nintendo's Duck Hunt that allows medical providers to channel their rage against paperwork by shooting up flying charts. Cons / The fun wears off quickly as you're overwhelmed...

Outpatient Surgery Center Hires DJs Instead of OR Nurses

IBIZA, SPAIN - The party is just getting started at Ibiza Surgical Specialists, a private outpatient surgery center, now that new OR nurses have taken over.  In an unprecedented move, the board voted unanimously...

It Took Over 3 Years, But ICU Team Finally Finishes Untangling All Those Lines

SAN JOSE, CA - It took over 3 years and 7 months to do, but the intensive care unit (ICU) team at Holy Cross Hospital is ecstatic to report that it has finally untangled all...

Medical Student Draws Blood for the First Time, Prefers Using Markers Over Crayon

In a rural hospital in West Virginia, Vance Agarwal a fourth year medical student nearing the end of a rural medicine elective had the opportunity to draw blood for the first time. Under the...