Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

virtual runner treadmill

Treadmill Drama: A**Hole Virtual Runner Won’t Move Out of the Way

BIRMINGHAM, AL - With a rare opportunity to exercise, third-year surgical resident Jason Mann's excitement to go running on his apartment complex treadmill this morning quickly faded less than one mile into the run...
physical therapy PT flight

PT Says Patient is Progressing Nicely, Nearly Capable of Flight

SAN DIEGO, CA - Physical therapist (PT) Kyle Patrick says that his patient, Miranda Evans, is progressing so well through her outpatient rehabilitation sessions that at her current pace she should be totally capable...

PyeongChang Tragedy: Team USA Curler Blows Out Both ACLs, MCLs, Hips, Spleen

PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA - Curling is not for the faint of heart.  In the adrenaline rush of hurling his rock down the ice, Team USA curler, John Shuster, lost his form and blew out...
Tom Brady Super Bowl LII amputate hand

Sportsmanship FTW! Eagles’ Doc Offers to Amputate Brady’s Injured Hand Before Super Bowl LII

PHILADELPHIA, PA - In a true show of sportsmanship towards the New England Patriots ahead of their February 4 date at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Philadelphia Eagles head team physician, Dr. Peter DeLuca,...

PM&R Doc Shocked to Find Out He’s Been on Call for 3 Years Straight

NEW YORK, NY - Dr. Jaycob Pyongyang was shaken from a deep sleep when his cell phone rang at 8 AM on a Sunday. He was even more alarmed when he awoke enough to process the...
PM&R doctor

Breaking News: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Resident Gets Inpatient ICU Consult

"I had a feeling it was going to be a special day when I woke up," Dr. Craig Johnson recalls. 'I arrived to work early that day around 10 and upon logging in to...

Medical Specialties as Disney Characters

Anesthesia - Rafiki from The Lion King. Most of the rest of us have no clue what the hell you are doing with all the beeps and knobs and when we look it never...

Nick Saban Hoping Triamcinolone Cream Works Better for His Healthy Scratches

TUSCALOOSA, AL - In preparation for today's big game against the University of Tennessee, Nick Saban has asked his team of dermatologists to prescribe and apply triamcinolone cream to his players listed as healthy...
team doctor

Embarrassing: Team Doctor Rushes Onto Field Without His Stethoscope Again

DENVER, CO - New York Giants team doctor Scott Rodeo feels like a giant moron as he once again rushed out onto the field tending to the care of an injured player without his...

Nick Saban Okays IV Benadryl to Treat Tonight’s Healthy Scratches

TUSCALOOSA, AL - Giving the official blessing and go-ahead to his University of Alabama sports medicine staff, Nick Saban has okayed the use of IV Benadryl (diphenhydramine) to help treat several of his players...