Soap Opera Doctors
Not sure if credentialing will ever go through

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Dr. Mario Love, a well-known Days of Our Lives general surgeon, is still not credentialed at his local hospital after being on the show for 5 years.  Recent evidence suggests that the likely hold up is in the credentialing office.

In the meantime, Dr. Love enjoys hanging out at social events, going on dates, and even getting involved with a murder scandal.

“I really don’t mind just looking my best and going out on dates,” says Love.  “The show pays me well for just doing that, so really I may not even have to go work at the hospital.”

Love still continues to wear his white coat and stethoscope as he walks around the hospital, but he is still not allowed to actually see patients.

His recent murder scandal may lead to further delays in the credentialing process.  “It may hold them up just a bit,” says Love.  “It’s okay though.  I am booked solid for social gatherings this week on set, so I don’t even have time to work if I was credentialed.”

GomerBlog confronted Love to ask him about a money-laundering scheme that has come up in tabloid magazines.  Love didn’t respond, but his eyes did get huge and there was a long dramatic pause of 7 seconds with music in the background before “commercial break” was heard in the background.