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ATLANTA, GA – Yesterday, the CDC finally established a link explaining a frightening and puzzling Ebola case.  A patient with no known Ebola exposures in Raleigh, NC fell ill with the virus last week and had investigators scrambling to explain how it was contracted.  Despite exhaustive and painstaking steps to connect the dots, the investigators found no promising leads until they turned to an unlikely source: the mail.

“Immediately burn all patient satisfaction surveys!”

Charles Hankford, 57, of Raleigh, is seriously ill and battling the Ebola virus at a North Carolina hospital.  While he had visited Dallas and made a trip to Texas Presbyterian in early September, there were no cases of Ebola at the hospital until weeks later, making an exposure impossible.

In Mid-October, however, Hankford was mailed a patient satisfaction survey from Texas Presbyterian asking him to rate the care provided during his ER visit.  Little did he know that the outgoing mail had been contaminated with Ebola.  He filled out the survey and mailed it back.

About 8-10 days after returning the survey, Hankford quickly became ill and presented to a local ER.  He was ultimately diagnosed with Ebola, and is being treated in an isolation room.

Kristen Katzmann, MD, Ph. D, MPH, JD, MS, the CDC’s Ebola Emperor, was reached for comments regarding the case and its transmission.

“We are urging that no citizen open up or even touch these patient satisfaction surveys until further notice.  Build a small fire outdoors, pick up the survey with a pair of kitchen tongs, then incinerate the survey and tongs.  As far as email surveys are concerned, we recommend that you delete them immediately without opening.  Our concern is that the virus could mutate to a computer-borne strain, and it isn’t worth taking the chance.  I mean, everyone knows this patient satisfaction data is meaningless, anyway.  If you were happy with the care you received in a particular hospital, just voice your satisfaction by going there again when you need medical care.”

Katzmann was asked why the virus almost seemed to “choose” to travel via healthcare satisfaction surveys instead of other forms of mail.

“My best explanation is that viruses are obligate parasites, and somehow the virus could sense that the multi-million dollar side industry of satisfaction data collection is just an obligate parasite on healthcare in America.  Birds of a feather flock together, and all.”



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  • Betsy O’Herron Tolbert

    Just in, angry Ebola survivor completes Press Ganey. (I beat the damn virus once; I can do it again!) Scores are predictably low. The nurse never gave back rubs or massaged feet. Family was treated poorly and not allowed to visit or bring in snacks.

  • Hoplite99

    Katzman, our new Ebola Czar!!!

  • Julie Wilson

    Probably is. Abolish press ganey surveys!

  • Kalyn Ehlers King

    Ebola emperor. This article made my whole day.

  • Jenn Dose

    This is completely out of hand. Who is in charge?

  • Katherine Flannery


  • Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    “Kristen Katzmann, MD, Ph. D, MPH, JD, MS, the CDC’s” Lotsa letters, so she’s GOTTA know what she’s talking about. Yup.

  • Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    LMAO!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!

  • Anna Ters-Simpson

    It could become computer-borne hahahha

  • Andrea Champion


  • Courtney Stine


  • Erica Kirkland Reeves

    *giggles *

  • Ruth Lynn Gordon

    Funny…. Thank you for writing this and sharing!!!!

  • Kate Armstrong Gordon

    LOVE the author!!!

  • Anna Zumpella

    They should be contaminated with something because they are a joke !!!!!!

  • Jennifer Christian Moeller

    I wish this were true

  • Cindy Fenton Fussell

    I’m dying! “The virus could sense the multi-million dollar side of the industry…”

  • Cyndy Williams

    Love it, especially the last paragraph!

  • Gomerblog

    Blocking gomerblog! How dare they! What are they, North Korea?

  • Kate Noel Briddell Crandley

    Trying to read this while sitting in Sentara waiting room, “content blocked” ha ha. Sentara is on to you Gomerblog!

  • Matthew Mark Gaines

    Jason Hunziker

  • Bryan

    I KNEW those patient satisfaction surveys were bad news….

  • Elizabeth Cotton

    Hahahaha! Sarah Elizabeth Sidwell Maegan Joanne

  • Robin Horne Lapsley

    That’s hilarious.

  • Kimberly Henderson Hastings


  • Betsy O’Herron Tolbert

    Andrea Champion if only

  • Patricia Alderman Valencis


  • Alexis V. Najarro

    Cindy Fenton Fussell, you need to read this! ;)

  • Guerrero Laura


  • Mari Hoover

    If only

  • Tracy Goodman


  • Praveen Mathur

    So true

  • Lyn Wilson Wyke

    Rebecca Rohrer Koleski if only…

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