bacon withdraw



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  • Valerie Bazar

    Shelley Easter
    Alex Pascua McGlinn

  • Jessica Sallwasser

    Aaron Sobel…or maybe better for Kat Sobel, do you know what to do in case of emergency

  • Jessica Sallwasser

    Aaron Sobel…or maybe better for Kat Sobel, do you know what to do in case of emergency

  • Sam Covarribias

    I need one for chicharrones!

  • Mila Ronen

    Tsk-tsk… Who did I raise?

  • Melissa Zaccarelli

    Love this!!!!!!

  • Kristina Wehnke Rosu

    Brian Raike Melissa Zaccarelli

  • Stacy Brown Embanato

    I am printing this life saving algorithm and posting it at the hospital. Thank u LC!! You just might have saved a life!

  • Wilbur Andromeda Flöckenhausen

    Oskar Floeck

  • Roger Price

    Daniel Skates

  • John Chauss

    This is serious business in Northwestern Wisconsin. Laura Hill Seeger Bridget Hanson Staci Lemieux Jeff Simpkins

  • John Chauss

    Prophylactic bacon wrapped bacon. Enough said.

  • Capone GiGi

    Yes! Finally! I knew bacon withdrawal was REAL!

  • Cassie Bradley

    Capone GiGi

  • Netta Khayutin

    Bc Facebook knows the truth

  • Amy Haner Miller

    Love it!!

  • Amy Haner Miller

    Love it!!

  • Alesha Scott

    Matthew Selleck

  • Alesha Scott

    Matthew Selleck

  • Eric Johnson

    Lynda Healy

  • Lisa Maurer


  • Lauren Johnstone

    Steve Kuester!

  • Monica Tran

    Miranda! Dan! Activate “Code Other White Meat!”

  • Janet McMordie

    Danielle Major Galasso…your news feed has had it with being vegetarian

  • Danielle Major Galasso

    Janet McMordie another one for you. Why is all this bacon stuff showing up on my newsfeed lol

  • Colette Cook

    Gabi McNeilly

  • Jason Cint

    Tommy Willette

  • Susan French

    Lisa Maurer

  • Darlene Iannetta Clark

    OMG ! So funny…love it !

  • Leah Beegan

    Wesley Hendricks you just came up with a business idea

  • Wesley Hendricks

    I should get some kind of papers drawn up so my wishes for full pork resuscitative measures are known in the event of an emergency. Do you think they make bacon life alert bracelets?

  • Marianne McDonald

    Laura, I think we both need stay bacon boluses.

  • Ruth Ní Naraigh

    Nick Synnott

  • Leah Beegan

    Wesley Hendricks this is for you!

  • Kelly Vial

    Darlene …Now I know what signs/symptoms to watch out for

  • Lucy Loweth

    Conor Hagan

  • Maureen Saunders

    hahahaha!!! “What would Jim Gaffigan do?”

  • Michelle Adams

    Haha bacon doesn’t cause heart disease, the heart causes heart disease. Lol.

  • Jason C Wood


  • Shauna BW H

    Luke Ireland

  • Ginny Moullet

    Marti Todd Amy Haner Miller

  • John Perry

    Skye Dix

  • Josh Sawyer

    Scott Heinrich, Jess Barber, and Daru. I’ll send you all a copy via SkyMall… ;-)

  • Amanda Moore DeJohn

    Paul DeJohn

  • Jennifer Kirsch

    Tony Szak!

  • April Harvey

    Lmao can we get paid to go to the class? It’s a requirement after all!

  • Chris Bourgeois

    Also, Maisha DeCruz. We still love you, anyway

  • Chris Bourgeois

    One of the most important medical breakthroughs of recent times. April Harvey, Alexis D’Ambrosio, Carla Mae Cablitas Merluza, Michele Allaert, Cristina Lukanik

  • Jo Yearicks

    Fo’ sho’!

  • Danielle Anne Swindell

    Jo Yearicks, Allen Connors, Michelle McDonald we need this algorithm.

  • Lora Ann Cullipher

    Stacy Brown Embanato

  • Jenny Codding

    Cassie Cobb

  • Laura Thompson

    Hahahaha Marianne McDonald

  • Tiffany Bruner

    James Simonson

  • Jenny PeaCox

    Julie Elkin

  • Revel Brown Theis

    Uh oh!! Here come the meat sweats… What we’ve always dreamed of.

  • Adrienne Elizabeth Swan

    Melanie Deibert

  • Sara Chambers

    Finally an algorithm that I can really use!!!

  • Kim Martin

    Troy Brown you and my Mallory… this algorithm was developed for you!

  • Anna Sullivan

    Jeff Baldwin

  • Lauren Abruzzo

    you beat me to it! hahaha I was going to tag you too Alecia Gasparo

  • Caroline Reinke

    Alecia Gasparo

  • Carolina Vega Freeman

    Marc D. McCain

  • Angie Koenigs

    Sara Chambers Amber Pytleski Willette

  • Victoria Knutson

    Dan Shay

  • Cary Lincycomb York

    Revel Brown Theis –here’s one for bacon!!

  • Becky Schroeder

    Tim Summers

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