ORLANDO, FL – Children across America are devastated after news broke today that Doc McStuffins will not be asked back for another season.  Disney execs announced yesterday that results from patient satisfaction surveys will have the animated physician looking for new job.

docThree of McStuffins’ approximately 10,000 patients from last year were surveyed regarding their care, and two of them gave McStuffins a rating of “fair.”  The third patient returned a survey which rated McStuffins “very good,” but since none of the patients rated her “excellent,” the young doctor got a pink slip.

“Chilly” the Snowman was upset that he wasn’t allowed to eat his Italian ice an hour before undergoing an exploratory fluffytummyoscopy and let Press Ganey know about it on the survey.  “Hallie” the Hippo arrived to McStuffins comatose and mute thanks to dead AA batteries and a broken pull string.  When she awoke to find that her Band-Aid was generic tan instead of pink (as she clearly stated on her preference forms), she went ballistic, screaming for supervisors, the TV news, and free meal cards.

Disney is already planning a spinoff show based on the character who fired Doc McStuffins, animated hospital administrator Adam McBriefcase.  The new show will be called Admin McBriefcase and a pilot episode is set to air next week.  GomerBlog was allowed a sneak peak at the pilot.  Viewers will not be disappointed as Admin survives a grueling 9:30-4:00 day filled with three different meetings, email correspondence, and two boutique coffee drinks.

After leaving his office, Admin heads to the putt-putt course for some friendly but high-stakes action on the links with his stuffed insurance executive friends and molded-plastic media moguls.  We learn that McBriefcase can never truly leave work, however, when his cell phone rings as he is lining up an 8-foot putt worth six skins.  “Just take care of it, godammit!!” he screams into the phone before hanging up and sinking the putt.  He then strolls confidently to the clubhouse and lights a brandy-dipped cigar as the credits roll.



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  • Maaria Syed

    Faaria Husain

  • Terrie Pearson Boliek

    This is hysterical. Patty Dawson, check this out

  • Wendy Link Wilson

    Funny, funny!!!

  • Miriam Payne Hooker

    Haha yup

  • Brandi Hicks

    I can’t

  • Correne Boucher

    Ha! Love this! I feel her pain!

  • Dawn Duncan Sharpe


  • Frances Ann Adams

    Heated heated heated. I hate a phone that thinks it knows more than I

  • Frances Ann Adams

    I guess they all wanted he ate blankets and meals

  • Juny Patriots Bayard

    she makes more sense then most of the residents i work with

  • Grant Paterson

    I heard rumours Meg Ryan that she was being overloaded with work since people would rather go to hospital than their GP and snatched it!

  • Meg Ryan

    Grant Paterson, make sure Lilyana doesn’t find out about this. She may never use her little purple medical kit again!

  • Raj

    Mcstuffins doesn’t even need the Stryker rep to guide her.

  • Peter Cirocco

    Morgan Cloer

  • Dennis Ruditser

    I heard she quit because health insurance for stuffed animals have poor reimbursement rates.

  • Kaleena Blanchard

    Haha love this!!

  • Julie Bleyenberg

    Char Kooima

  • Amy VanCourt Kincaid

    Ha ha ha

  • Dmitry Bogomolsky

    Dennis Ruditser

  • Karen Macias


  • Michael Lewis

    But everybody says they feel better! What do these people WANT?!

  • Karen Macias

    Janna Lewis, Michael Lewis don’t tell Fiona. She’ll be heartbroken.

  • Shallun Kathleen

    Stephanie Davila

  • Laura Berkebile

    Lol Miriam Payne Hooker. Doesn’t Marielle watch this???

  • Danielle Hunton

    Eileen Magnuski

  • Nabir Babbar

    Ginny Gujral Khanna

  • Wanda Gonzalez

    Pfft…she can be reinstated in a heartbeat! All she needs is to file a complaint with the EEO office and hire a lawyer then sue for discrimination.

  • Richard Kincaid

    Amy !

  • Guerrero Laura

    Haha! Pink bandaids!! Doesn’t anyone read preference cards anymore???

  • Janet Reed Caviness

    Does that mean we’ll have to close the mobier clinic?

  • Christopher Blewett

    Admit to medicine, I’ll see her in the morning #BBMF

  • Christopher Blewett

    I had a similar idea except it had to do with Doc McStuffins not participating in MOC

  • Kelly Hemken

    Unfortunately, “Chilly” the Snowman melted when finishing the last of his 4 liters of Snowlytely in preparation for his fluffytummyoscopy, despite the heroic efforts of the Code Blue Ski team to reiceitate him.

  • Ryan McCorkle

    Davi Arnold McCorkle

  • Jenny Hickey

    Seriously, I’ve just seen her cure a broken leg over night, I’d be well impressed if the ortho team could achieve the same

  • Sarah Johnstone Russell


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