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CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte mom Sarah Catherine Murdoch, 34, was delighted to make a new friend after striking up a conversation with another patron at an area Botox clinic last week.  She found 35-year-old Madeline Grace Thompson to be bubbly, receptive, and full of similar views.  It was as if the pair was actually a set of twins separated at birth.

botox injection
“Botox is completely natural, vaccines not so much”

“We both drive white Mercedes SUVs, we both have husbands named Scott who are bank executives, we both have two kids, and we were in the same sorority, but at different colleges,” Murdoch explained.

The similarities didn’t end there for the two.  “It turns out that both of us did extensive research on Google and decided not to harm our children with repeated injections of dead virus and bacteria components mixed with numerous preservatives and other toxins.  Big Pharma is making billions by poisoning American kids, and we both took the time to educate ourselves and make an informed decision.”

Murdoch was then called back to the treatment area by a nurse who proceeded to inject the muscles of her face with a potent nerve toxin produced by deadly bacteria in a drug company’s factory.



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  • Scott Stiller


  • Kristen Goodworth Lay

    Nicki Mabe Goodwin this is the one I meant to tag you in

  • Iriana Telerín

    Jajaja es un blog satírico que está genial!! Entra, te gustará!

  • Diego García

    Y lo que me intriga más… Cómo has llegado a este articulazo de blog?

  • Diego García

    Aysssss, seguro que quieres trolear un poquito. En serio, ¿quién escribe estas mierdas?

  • Iriana Telerín

    Diego García

  • Stefanie Hurt

    Kristen Pancakes I found this hilarious!

  • Gayle DePan Cartier

    If its sacred then then use it to save yours or yoyr childs life.

  • Kimi Kline

    It has nothing to do with toxins. They don’t transfer blood BC they think its sacred.

  • James McGinnis

    Don’t think anti-vaxers are smart enough to recognize sarcasm.

  • Margo Dent

    Oh the irony of it all – and the pathetic ignorance!

  • Richard Kincaid

    Bernard! Sam!

  • Johan Sköld

    Just googled botox. In fact, 2 ng will kill you. So one ounce will kill 15 billion people – everybody in the world can get TWO lethal doses each from one ounce! :-)

  • Sheila Garrison

    In a couple of words, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

  • Angelia Warren Garrett


  • Johan Sköld

    Hilarious! I am not an expert, but isn’t botox the most poisonous toxin around? Like, an ounce will kill a decent sized city…?

  • Bronwyn Baz

    Totally. Not to mention all that acetone and formaldehyde in nail polishes (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  • Jose Maria Julian Roggen

    Weeeell, Botox is a natural toxin as you now, au contraire vaccines are made by oscure scientist in underground labs and the strain contains brain controlling DNA. LOL!

  • Bill Boyce

    Tell that to the ones that didn’t get polio

  • Gina Yoder

    Leanne Miller a bit of satire to liven your evening.

  • Gayle DePan Cartier

    I be injected Jehovah witnesses with botox and fillers and they’ve had breast implants. But don’t transfuse them etc if they’re dying. SMH

  • Lizamara Bedolla


  • Donna Lantz

    Anthony Lantz

  • Laura Yost

    This is a satire blog. Cmon.

  • JeremyandD’Aun Taylor

    You never know these days with some of the articles and “research” that anti-vaccine advocates post.

  • Marcy James

    Ya think?

  • Linda Marie Holifield

    Careful now…some of us appreciate our Botox just as much as we do vaccines!

  • Judy Frey Menor


  • Glen Jordan

    Jessie Shields

  • Alicia Olmoz


  • Andrea Jungwirth Lams

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………..’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Spencer Vawdrey

    Jana Lincoln Hill, you’ll appreciate this one… FYI gomerblog is the medical equivalent of the Onion.

  • JeremyandD’Aun Taylor

    I hope this is a joke.

  • Susan Hobbs


  • Marrcoh Antonyioh


  • Jessica Reeves


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