percocet and tylenol

Thanks but no thanks.  Percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen) doesn’t work for me.  Why?  Isn’t it obvious?  You’re the one with the medical degree and you don’t even know?  Well let me explain it to you.  Percocet contains Tylenol.  No, I’m not allergic.  But Tylenol does nothing for my pain.  Nothing.  I’ve taken Tylenol and Motrin for years and I’m still in pain.  Sometimes so much of it I have to go to the ER.

31500804_mI’ve had pain for a long time.  I know my body and I know what works.  Tylenol definitely doesn’t work.  To be honest I don’t think any oral medication works.  It just makes it feel just barely tolerable to get by.  Takes the edge off.

I’ve been prescribed Tylenol and Motrin for years.  I’m not doctor shopping, just trying to find someone that doesn’t make me sign anything and gives me what works.

What, where is my pain?  My abdomen.  Don’t get another CT scan either.  No “doctors” have been smart enough to find the source of my pain.  Oxycodone works, but barely.  The only thing that ever really helps is Dilaudid.  But even THAT makes me itchy so you’ll have to push some IV Benadryl first.  Wait don’t even think about pushing it slowly either, I’m a fast metabolizer.  That stuff will be gone before it gets to where it needs to go.  I know my body.

Percocet.  Big Tylenol would like you to prescribe Percocet.  Quit holding back on me, give me the stuff that works: oxycodone.  Thanks for doing your JOB.

I’ll be going to hang out with girls tonight, don’t think for a second I’ll be telling them how you tried to give me Percocet for the pain.  No, I won’t be drinking Screwdrivers.  Urgh haven’t you learned anything?  Orange juice doesn’t get me drunk.



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  • Shai Latte

    Thanks for the suggestion. I also basically avoid pain medication … I tend to just deal with it since the opiates don’t work on me anyway and I end up with a ton of useless percocet and vicoden just sitting in a drawer.

  • Shante Saunders Mackey

    The next time you’re prescribed a pain pill for surgery… Ask specifically for vicoprofen. That has ibuprofen in it rather than acetaminophen. Works way better. Tylenol really doesn’t help me. So percocet and vicoden really are useless for me. I rarely use pain pills BTW. I do usually attempt to avoid them.

  • Shante Saunders Mackey
  • Shante Saunders Mackey

    Hey…. This IS what I say…. But I found out about vicoprofen and THAT stuff works! I tried vicoden and percocet when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. They did absolutely nothing. When I had a couple of teeth pulled after learning about vicoprofen I will forever be asking specifically for that. Otherwise I will suffer through pain. There’s no point in my attempting to take something that doesn’t work. That’s one way addictions can start.

  • Veronica Nicole Fries

    Oh, that’s gold. Have to remember that one!!

  • Barbara Alcorn

    Where is the ama form. ? Get me one stat

  • Kathiryne Bond

    Too bad it happens quite a bit.

  • Jessica Dew Hip


  • Sarah Kohrmann

    I mean, it’s not a magic wand…
    There are side effects, and for some types of pain (surgical, long-term chronic, acute injury, etc), it isn’t going to be enough…
    But to say it’s no better than placebo is ludicrous.

  • Meghan ‘Root’ Kowalik


  • Meghan ‘Root’ Kowalik


  • Erica Kirkland Reeves

    No. Just no.

  • Erica Kirkland Reeves

    I had a pt call it “dil-dildo” once. Omg

  • Erica Kirkland Reeves


  • Michaela Jill Jackson Mahler

    Please doa search for tylenol ineffective, and5you will find that it is only as effective as a plcebo, in other words, it isn’t except if you believe, and are gullible. There are further studies sonce then shoeong why you might believe, and thereduction of your ability to respond to anything is not agood thing, reducing any response is reducing your ability to think. I was not tolerant because I had not used anything except if a doctor prescribed it, not even alcohol or caffeine, or asperin. The doctors finally tested and said it was a super efficient liver. However, the recent studies say tylenol doesn’t work, and it has bad side effects, especially if used with other things, such as alcohlo, common in cold medications. It causes liver damage. That is why there are warnings posted by law regarding it’s use with alcohol.

  • Mark Mcdonald

    try a treadmill

  • Janice Klasek Harrah

    Percocet = oxycodone + acetaminophen

  • Kathiryne Bond

    Creating patient’s profile at the pharmacy: Do you have any drug allergies?
    New patient: I’m allergic to codeine, and hydrocodone, but dilaudid works just fine.

  • Diana Miller

    Actually they don’t but ok

  • Diana Miller

    Tolerance to APAP…

  • Diana Miller

    No, oxycodone is not Percocet and does not have APAP.

  • Diana Miller

    At the closest port

  • Diana Miller

    Straight up oxy then

  • Logan Charles

    i don’t want the fucking additional liver damage alright

  • Logan Charles

    what have you gotten yourself into dave

  • Logan Charles


  • Dave Comstock

    I’m still waiting for the satirical part …

  • Ashley Kellogg Dominguez

    Lolol “big Tylenol”

  • Eva Bourque

    All narcotics contain acetaminophen ,,,,,which is bad for the liver….

  • Barbara Brengartner

    Oxycodone IS PERCOCET and contains Tylenol.

  • Penelope Petroske

    and something for the constipation

  • Penelope Petroske


  • Jen Ross

    Oh yes there are lol

  • Ali Alvarez

    This comments are my entertainment for tonight, some people sound serious lol.

  • Rhonda Hazard

    I have CRPS and my BP runs low as does my pulse. I’m in chronic pain and have been for 6 years. I hide my pain I take norco and relaxers. Tired of the judgments, I’m an RN unable to work because of this now, but also.
    New nurses and some older nurses think they see all, I was a nurse for yrs a chronic pain pt will not and does not display those symptoms. JS …..

  • Heather Glose

    I liked this yesterday

  • Holly Melinda Charlotte

    Heather Glose

  • Melanie Bowlen

    Scary, but they learn from their parents young

  • Maureen Saunders

    I dilute Dilaudid in a 30 cc syringe with 29 ml of saline. You never know, this stuff is so strong it could cause patients to become dizzy and sigh loudly while closing their eyes.

  • Maureen Saunders

    Dilala? ***then snickering***

  • Katie Manning Shute

    IV Benadryl with Dilaudid, you know, so I don’t itch!

  • Daniel Sturgeon

    Jessica Crowe

  • Laura Grasley Brindley

    A patient was trying the “dila, dild? Something with a D” routine and the attending looks straight at me and says, “I think it’s Dibuprophen, let’s order that.” Needless to say I left before I lost all composure.

  • Frances Ann Adams

    Lol. They learn early. We had a 12 year old ER patient that couldn’t take toradol. “It masks my pain. But morphine doesn’t. It helps”

  • Frances Ann Adams

    I know! These should really qualify as CEU’S.

  • Frances Ann Adams

    I love those that say they’re allergic to Tylenol, but they request Percocet or lortab.

  • Pete Marie Digger

    Thanks to all the idiots out there who misuse and abuse the stuff. You’ve made it extremely tough for those who actually do need it.

  • Michael Adair

    tylenol doesnt work for me anymore, or at least it doesnt seem like it… i think i used it too much as a kid… i bounce around to different ones now so my body doesnt build up any tolerence ;)

  • Sarah Kohrmann

    Tylenol is actually an incredibly potent painkiller. We’re just spoiled by the easy availability of it… in third world countries, Tylenol is highly sought and appreciated.

  • Lindsay Cuprzynski

    Hahaha Hollie Lawton Emily Moore

  • Sarah Kohrmann


  • Sarah Kohrmann

    Omg I hope there’s no EDs out there giving these ppl 4 of Dilaudid!

  • Erica Gerdish Trabbold

    Orange juice doesn’t get me drunk.
    Put my banana bag on standby.

  • Michaela Jill Jackson Mahler

    I remember asking why it didn’t work, and the nurse said it didn’t work for her either. There is now proof that the Tylenol part,at least, does not work for pain. Placebo and place the blame on the patient. Thank heavens for an honest nurse.

  • Leah Thomas

    Still waiting for the Gomer report on patient allergies…

  • Chris Jones

    Guess we know what you prefer.

  • Leah Thomas

    Norco is made with hydrocodone. Dilaudid is hydromorphone. Two H’s, totally different drugs.

  • Stephanie Nichols

    I have a really high pain tolerance. So if I’m here in the ED it’s bad pain! To me a 7 is really a 50. I will need that Dilatin stuff or oxy-co-gen? And I’m nauseated, but stopped by the food mart prior to arrival and drinking my Dew and eating chips.

  • Jake Hossin


  • Jenise Jessee Johnston

    And honestly—your vital signs and body language tell us so much. If you are talking on your cell phone and your B/P is 110/70 etc, etc……..there’s a good chance you are not in a HUGE amount of pain…. JS…..

  • Jenise Jessee Johnston

    I think it starts with a D ….Dila…

  • Carole Miller Hallin

    No kidding! And now I’m o anxious that my pain meds are late, I’ll need some Xanax too.

  • Carole Miller Hallin

    And not “you” specifically lol general population .

  • Carole Miller Hallin

    Unfortunately they don’t realize that doing our job doesn’t entail giving you whatever you want because you read something on the internet.

  • John Sullivan

    Send ’em my way

  • Christopher Befort

    No one is bothered when you’ve had an actual procedure, we want to help the pain. But there’s that special cocktail request (like for people who don’t want to be late for plans later on) that we hear like every day that becomes a joke.

    At least half the chronic pain I see in the er is relieved by a 800 mg ibuprofen and a big cup of water. (Unless “water makes you sick”!)

    Cheers and congrats on the (I’m assuming successful) c section

  • Ginny Hedges

    Tylenol works for me; Ibuprofen does nothing for my pain. Weird… Guess everybody is different.

  • Courtney Parker Fischer


  • Becky Bay

    If you won’t do your job I will report you on yelp

  • Melanie Kennedy Campbell

    Give me that “Delilah”. It works the best

  • Marlene Fisher Downing


  • Shai Latte

    Percocet does nothing for me because have always had an insanely high tolerance to opiates. Which really pisses me off because that basically eliminates an entire class of drugs that are effective painkillers since no doctor ever believes me and is willing to prescribe something useful.

    But if I take it with some ibuprofen that does help a bit since ibuprofen and Tylenol work well together.

  • Ryan Rymer

    And I’m allergic to two milligrams of dilaudid, but not four.

  • Dee Phair

    Gives people with actual pain a bad name. I tried to hold out as long as possible after my c-section because I didn’t want to look like the chick in this parody.

  • Stefanie Avery

    Kt Simpson

  • Crystal Ayers

    So true.

  • Scott Pango

    I thought I would be safe from this in Peds. That’s what I get for thinking

  • Shamika Johnson

    Typical in ortho

  • Michael Roth

    I did used to have this problem with Vicodin; it would help my pain a little for maybe 30 minutes. Vicoprofen would cover me for 4-6 hours.

  • Zane Moore

    How about some ginger ale and a turkey sandwich

  • Jody Forssen Watt


  • Sherri Ferland

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so true

  • Amanda Walton Basford

    I’m allergic to Tylenol but I can take Vicodin…

  • Jill Agnew

    Percocet gives me nightmares. Oh really? How about oxycodone? Oh that works perfectly? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Bev Oswald

    Don’t forget the last nurse did something wrong…

  • Edna Wong


  • Tad Pedley

    Vitamin D.

  • Matthew Martino

    Need some of that..di wait dilantin…that dilaudidd.

  • Leonardo Pirillo

    Tylenol is toxic, bad for the liver. They need the pure stuff and medical marihuana

  • Chance Gearheart

    Destroying the liver and costing taxpayers millions is a small price to pay for the moral security that comes with knowing hillbilly heroin can’t be abused.

  • Chris Millar

    Allergic to morphine too

  • Kirsten Bruell

    Ryan Patrick

  • Tammy Pringle Flemming

    The answer is “statistics have proven that acetaminophen acts as a catalyst with oxycodone and actually improves it’s effectiveness.”

  • Siobhan Devlin Kocher

    That dilaudid tho….

  • Stephanie Hare

    And don’t forget the IV Benadryl!

  • Linda Ranne Barberi

    Thank you, social media, for shedding light on this uncommon condition. How else would we ALL be familiar with such a rare phenomenon?

  • Chris Jones

    Neither does Norco, but Dilaudid works… Wtf?

  • Jeff Jones

    Drug seeker!

  • Monica Matilla Kraft

    This could also be entitled, “Give me what I want or I’ll sign out AMA and find another ER that will.”

  • Margaret Brazeau Miller

    And could you please flush it FAST!!!

  • Lakesha Powers


  • Anu Luke


  • Wendy Hannan Gates

    Tammy Pringle Flemming

  • Jon Halterman

    A splash of Soma will help.

  • Brittany Nicole Douglas

    You forgot that phenergen is needed too! Because of the nausea…. Of course.

  • Robin Cunningham Karr


  • Misty Lynn


  • Scott Greenberg

    that picture is too perfect

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