Marin County, CA. – Tiffany Davis was relieved today when she heard from her friend Courtney Brown at their children’s Gymboree class that Courtney had heard from Lindsay who heard from Kelsey that an article published this week in the “scientific” journal “Medical Information Pulled Out Of your Ass” (MI-POOtA) confirmed what she believed all along. That her children didn’t need all those shots that the doctor wanted her kids to have.

The article, originally published in the Spanish language version, MI-PUTA was written by Ron Huber, a truck driver who took biology in high school but has no medical training, explains that there’s ”just too many shots” that the doctors give. Huber went on to call the immunization recommendations as a “racket” and noted that “If doctors don’t give shots they don’t make money”.

Davis was asked about “Confirmation Bias”, the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories by Gomer Blog but Davis dismissed the idea because the report “Seems right and besides, all my friends agree and none of us are getting our kids shots”.

The Marin County Department of Health, one of the busiest in the nation only would say “Are they at it again?”.

It should be noted that Ms. Davis’ Gymboree was closed last year for two months after a meningitis outbreak was traced back to the class.

When contacted the American College of Epidemiology and American Academy of Pediatrics just rolled their eyes.

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