University Medical Center is announcing a new Emergency Medicine fellowship in Nursing Leadership. The primary goal for the fellowship will be to develop future generations of hospital administrators. While it is a collaboration between the Department of Emergency Medicine and the hospital’s nurse administrators, the fellowship will be open to applications from physicians of all specialties.

The fellowship will be two years in length. It will consist of 3 months of strenuous online lectures granting the physician the highly sought after degree of Doctor of Nursing. The other 21 months will be a shadowing experience with nursing administrators. Core competencies will include topics such as rounding on your physicians, physician metrics, physician wellness, passive-aggressive conflict management, Pull-till-full Emergency Department management, C-suite saviorhood, and hospital advertisement headshots.

The hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer will serve as fellowship director. She was extremely excited for this advancement in medical education stating, “We are innovating what it means to be a doctor here at University Medical Center. Our fellows will not only advance their medical knowledge far beyond their residency education but also learn the complexities of running a major hospital system. In this time of rising healthcare costs, we hope creating this new administrative position will lead to better care and lower costs through our supervision of physicians.”

The fellowship plans to award graduates with a symbol of their achievement in nursing, a clipboard.