China has taken the brunt of the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic, both as the source of the virus, and for the scarcity of potentially vital information. While the city of Wuhan has been internationally acknowledged as the epicenter, and evidence of an attempted cover-up of the severity and spread has come to light, China has become increasingly resentful of conspiracy theories regarding the beginnings of the pandemic.

“These allegations of weaponized Coronavirus or unintentional release from a mismanaged laboratory are ridiculous,” states Dr. Lew. “And what is worse? The intentionally racist and Xenophobic comments from the American State Department intentionally maligning us, calling it ‘The Chinese Virus’. Shameful.”

Dr. Lew’s expression then turned from anger and resignation to a seemingly amused tone. “In response to these less than subtle insults and the potential US withdrawal from the WHO, we have updated the International Classification of Disease. Dr. Lew smiled slyly, and pulled out a thick text. “I give you… ICD-12 – Diabetes, The American Disease”