Fort Smith, AR – Susan Chatman, COO, APRN, LPN, NEA-BC, CCRN, FAAN, the lead hospital administrator at Mercy Fort Smith, has collaborated with other hospital officials to combat physician burnout in a novel new way: EMR popups.

These EMR popups will helpfully occur at any time, to any physician, anywhere. When the popup occurs, the EMR will become temporarily non-responsive to give the physician time to let the wellness sink in. Inspirational messages such as “Breathe,” “Count to 10,” and “Eat. Pray. Work.” will display on the screen for minutes at a time to their target physician audience.

“It’s like meditation when you least expect it,” Susan excitedly exclaims.

Although the target physician audience could be anyone at any time, there will be an increasing number of popups during the “non-wellness hours” of 5pm-9am. Susan believes that no one should be working at these hours, and these hardworking physicians need the wellness popups the most. Another specifically targeted group of doctors will be ICU physicians, as they work with the sickest patients and have some of the highest rates of burnout.

“Imagine the stress you feel when you’re checking the vitals or labs of a sick patient in your EMR. Then imagine the relief you’ll get when you see the comforting image of a wellness popup obscuring your screen and prohibiting you from clicking anything,” Susan explains.

Wellness popups are projected to be in every major EMR by the end of 2020. Hospital administrators predict these wellness popups will erase physician burnout by 2030.