Monday, February 8, 2021

Emergency Medicine

medical music festival

Lineup Released for Boo-Boo Fest 2015

INDIO, CA - With an early morning Facebook post and Tweet, the Boo-Boo Fest Medical & Surgical Arts Festival revealed their highly-anticipated lineup for 2015, which will be held between March 6-8 in Indio,...

“Rewards” Program for Frequent Flyers Includes Unlimited, Complimentary Discharges

ATLANTA, GA - Atlanta University Hospital (AUH) has unveiled a new tiered hospital rewards program for frequent flyers that provides numerous benefits, including free downgrades in pain medications and complimentary discharges.  Though the program...

Doctor Accidentally Heals Fibromyalgia

For years, Dr. Suda Nim had expressed frustration over his patients who came to the Emergency Department with a chief complaint of a fibromyalgia flare. "Every time a patient with fibromyalgia came in, I’d cry on...
north korea hackers

North Korea Hacks ER Pyxis Machines Nationwide, Renders Them Unable to Dispense Dilaudid

WASHINGTON, DC - The White House has announced that North Korea has successfully hacked yet another electronic staple of American life – the drug-dispensing Pyxis machines.  Americans were recently outraged and appalled when Sony Pictures...

Local ED Refuses to Take Care of Firework Injuries This July 4th

NEW BERN, NC - A local New Bern emergency department has made it abundantly clear to the town that they will be refusing to care for firework injuries this year on July 4th. "Listen, last...
state of medicine

Highlights From The 2016 State of The Medicine Address

GomerBlog highlights the major points from tonight’s State of The Medicine Address given by the President of Hospital Administrators, Mr. Cutter Salary. Hospitals now have the highest patient satisfaction in the history of healthcare...
times square work note

Work Note Center Opens in Times Square, Deadbeats Rejoice

NEW YORK, NY – What’s all the commotion in Times Square?  Not another Naked Cowboy, it’s the new Walk-In Work Note Center.  Based on the model of walk-in urgent care centers, patrons are lining...
pope francis blessing

Who Received Pope Francis’ Blessing?

Many people know that Pope Francis has been visiting the United States.  However, not many people realize that he has stopped by numerous healthcare facilities to offer his blessings and stock up on graham...
emergency physician

Dear BaconSpeak Voice Recognition Software Company

I am an emergent see room dock door.  I am righting to let you no how much eye am in joying your voice recognition software.  Just like your sails man promised, it is a...
stubborn patient

Patient Looks Forward to Getting Admitted & Refusing Everything a Hospital Can Offer

ATLANTA, GA - For the third time this month and tenth time this year, Jason Reynolds, a 54-year-old male with epic levels of noncompliance, looks forward to getting admitted once again and being a...