Monday, February 8, 2021

Internal Medicine


Nostalgic Pharmacists Yearn for Good ‘Ole Days of Illegible Doctors’ Prescriptions

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Though pharmacists appreciate the progress that has been made with electronic health records (EHR) and e-prescriptions over the past two decades, many admit they kind of miss the good ‘ole...
red blood cells

Hematologists Award Lance Armstrong Gold Medal de Excellence

AUSTIN, TX - On the eve of the historic 100th running of the Tour de France in Corsica, Lance Armstrong is making history again.  The American Society of Hematology (ASH) has released a statement...
pathology tumor board

Pathology Resident Makes Up Disease at Tumor Board, Groundbreaking Discovery

CHICAGO, IL - A second-year pathology resident, Dr. Daniel Platt, is being credited with discovering a new tumor following a presentation at his hospital's tumor board.  "To be honest, I lost track of what I...
thank you cards

ID Doc Sends ‘Thank You’ Cards for Those Interesting Consults

NEW HAVEN, CT - Taking consultative manners into another echelon, a Yale infectious diseases doctor is sending "Thank You" cards to show her appreciation for anyone who reached out to her with...

ZDoggMD: Call Day

icu accepts patient

ICU Accepts Patient During Change of Shift

SAN DIEGO, CA - This morning at Southern California Hospital, RN Craig Needstapee became alarmed when at seven thirty in the morning, he called the ICU to let them know about a pending admission...
troponin bump

The Scourge of Troponipenia

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL - Hospitalists are going crazy about the pandemic of normal troponins in Miami-Dade.  Jose Fernandez-Rodriguez-Hernandez-Alonso, MD -- “Mrs. Garcia, presented with chest pain, it was sharp, started after an especially traumatic...

1 in 4 Americans Have No Emergency Savings in Their Blood Banks

WASHINGTON, DC - According to a yearly survey by the American Red Cross, more than 25% of Americans in 2014 have no emergency savings in their blood banks.  Of those who do have emergency savings,...

Inventor of Slogan ‘Pain is the 5th Vital Sign’ Now Concedes Pain is Actually...

NEW YORK, NY - Last night, in an emotional interview with Dateline NBC, Lisa Washington, who famously coined the term "Pain is the 5th Vital Sign," conceded that pain is actually not a vital sign. A...
medical pager

Anatomy of a Pager

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