Saturday, January 2, 2021
intern physician worth it

July Intern Looks Forward to Finding Out This Isn’t Worth It

CHAPEL HILL, NC - University of North Carolina internal medicine intern Warren Burke is about to embark on a long and exciting road, and today he confirmed with Gomerblog he absolutely looks forward to finding...

‘Real World Medical School’ Canceled After One Episode

SAN JOSE, CA - The Real World Medical School was immediately canceled by NBC after the first episode last night.  "Absolutely nothing exciting happened," said viewer Stacy Henderson. John went to the library and studied for...
dating service

Review of New Medical Dating Service:

A new website called uses a time-tested algorithm to pair you up with the residency of your dreams.  You can sign up today for their free trial (just kidding, it’s $60) for this...

Medical Student Dies of Dysentery on Interview Trail

FORT WALLA WALLA, OR – After several weeks of traveling the Interview Trail at a grueling pace, Eunice Justice contracted dysentery and eventually passed away.  Eunice was a fourth-year medical student (MS4) who was applying...

Fortune Cookies Replace Lotto Numbers with Vital Signs

BROOKLYN, NY - In an effort to appeal to health care professionals who order Chinese food for take out because the cafeteria is closed, fortune cookie maker Wonton Food Inc. have decided to replace their...
medical residency match advice

AAMC Releases Helpful New Rank List Advice for Residency Match

WASHINGTON, DC - As the rank list deadline approaches, the American Association of Medical Colleges just released its rank list strategy guidelines for the upcoming Match.  The guidelines have been highly anticipated by graduating...
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Doctor Horrified to Learn That Today’s Actually Thursday, Not Friday

NEW YORK, NY - Colleagues are watching in stunned silence as Mount Sinai Hospital hospitalist Valerie Owens holds back the tears as it hits her at this very moment that today is actually Thursday not...
Medical school parody

Top 16 Med School Music Parody Videos

GomerBlog is proud to present our selections for the Top 16 Medical School Music Parody Videos.  Our selection criteria looked at music and video quality, lyrics, song selections, and of course being funny really...
medical consults

A Primer to How We All Consult One Another

Does your patient need help but you're just not sure who to consult for help? This GomerBlog primer is here to break things down and ensure your patient receives the absolute best care possible. Does...

Product Review: Littman’s Cordless Stethoscope

Pros: Portable stethoscope capable of listening to human organ noises.  No battery required! Cons: The cordless nature of the device means you have no excuse not to listen to your patient's heart and lungs. Littman’s new...