Monday, February 8, 2021

Medical Specialties as Disney Characters

Anesthesia - Rafiki from The Lion King. Most of the rest of us have no clue what the hell you are doing with all the beeps and knobs and when we look it never...

Female Resident Grateful for Unsolicited Feedback on Physical Appearance

BOSTON, MA - Jessica Schwartz, a third-year resident in a local internal medicine program, was pleased to find comments about her physical appearance in her residency final evaluation.  In addition to exemplary ratings in patient...

The Tale of the Enema and the Trailing Zero Error

LUBBOCK, TX - The Institute of Medicine in 1999 shocked the world when they reported that up to 100,00 persons die each year due to medical errors.  Medical practices were changed and procedures modified...
confused doctor

Attending Loses Perspective, Can’t Find it Anywhere

NASHVILLE, TN - "I swear I just had it," muttered 57-year-old vascular surgeon Tom Hatfield as he feverishly searched for his perspective under stacks of academic journals and negative resident performance reviews.  Hatfield had...
neurosurgeons can act like kids

Medical Student Publicly Humiliated to Restore Neurosurgery Street Cred

PRINCETON, NJ - When neurosurgery residents at Princeton University Hospital discovered they had a reputation among the medical students as being friendly and nice, they took immediate action.  "I was horrified when I heard...

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Identifies as Medical Student, Crushes Surgery Rotation

When asked if she felt like she had an unfair advantage against clearly weaker competition, Dr. Beer was unapologetic. “I felt like a student in my heart so I was just living my true self.”

Near Death Experience for Medical Student After Taking Chart During Change of Shift

MILWAUKEE, WI - Richard Henning, a third-year medical student, has no idea how close he came to perishing at Memorial Hospital yesterday.  At approximately 7:04 a.m., Hennings interrupted a nursing change of shift report and took the medical...

Next-Generation Robotic Simulation Patients to Contain Real Humans

After years of experience building advanced robotic simulation patients, The SimCenter of America design team thinks they’ve reached another technological breakthrough. “Basically, we found that despite the best in applied research, our robotic simulation patients...

Ugly Med Student Trying to Match into Plastic Surgery Not Expected To Do Well

SEATTLE, WA - Three months ago, fourth year medical student Trevor Barlock took a deep breath and submitted his applications to integrated plastic surgery programs around the country. Barlock recalls the feeling. “It was a...