Monday, February 8, 2021


pencil by medical specialty

Describe This Pencil by Medical Specialty

Your specialty of choice fosters a certain way of doing things. We polled residents from several different specialties and asked them to describe this pencil. Family Medicine: I’m already behind on my descriptions for four...
anesthesiologist intubating

Frustrated with Memes, Pathologist Intubates Crashing Covid Patient

We are providing continuing coverage from the BestEver Hospital as the aftermath of this morning’s events unfolds. “Alright, sure, yeah that might have been how it went down,” said Dr. P. Rone, a first-year Pulmonary...

Orthopedic Surgeon Celebrates Transfusing Patient to 100% Hematocrit

DENVER, CO - Ortho spine surgeon Brik Bowers recently set the all-time record by transfusing his post-op patient to a hematocrit of 100%.  Bowers was found at his victory party, galloping around the room,...
endless loop

Pathology and Radiology Reports Recommend Correlation with Each Other, Endless Loop Ensues

BOSTON, MA – The ICU team of a local area hospital had struggled for days with an increasingly slow EMR for one particular patient. “At first I thought it was just temporary, but it just...
lab tests

Local Woman: ‘I Need All My Labs Drawn’

EAST LANSING, MI – Local patient Sheryl Harris came to clinic today with a chief complaint of "I need all my labs drawn." When questioned what specific labs she was referring to, she responded, "All...

Pathology Duty Pager Goes Off Overnight

SAN DIEGO, CA - In a rare, unexpected occurrence, the pathology duty pager went off at 11 p.m. last night, disturbing the quiet slumber of a third-year pathology resident.  "I had no idea what was...

FDA Approves Groundbreaking Postmortem Chemotherapy Protocol

BOCA RATON, FL - Sending shockwaves throughout the medical community, the Food & Drug Administration approved a postmortem chemotherapy regimen to be administered after a patient has passed away from cancer. The protocol will...

Fancy Medical Terms and What They Really Mean

Nurses and doctors use fancy words to communicate and sound smart before patients, families and each other. Having spent most of his adult life in the hospital, Livin La Vida Locum, M.D. shares the...

CDC Guidelines Using Pathologists as Model for ‘Extreme Social Distancing’

ATLANTA, GA - With point of care testing for SARS-CoV-2 drastically lagging behind patient demand, experts at the CDC are urging the public to help practice social distancing to help flatten the epidemiologic curve. In...

Medical Specialties as Game of Thrones Characters

As all medical specialties try to gain control of the hospital, we've narrowed down who their characters are: Cardiology, you poor tortured soul with a horrible life. Let's be honest, you got yourself into this.       ...