Wednesday, July 8, 2020


disposable colonoscope

Used Capsule Endoscopy Cameras Into Phones??

Have you ever taken a whiff of your IPhone’s camera and detected a faint but distinct foul odor? Have you ever noticed a brown haze to your photos? If you have, you’re certainly not...
physician on toilet paper coffee sit-to-sh*t 29 seconds

Bravo! Patient’s Continuous Log of Stool Measures 5-Feet Long!

GREENVILLE, SC - With a swirl of stool in the toilet bowl resembling a generous piece of churro, patient Davis Adderley has just had the longest continuous log of stool in recent...

NIH Close to Uncovering Elusive Fifth Abdominal Quadrant

BETHESDA, MD - Sensing a breakthrough is imminent, scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have publicly announced they are indeed very close to uncovering the fifth abdominal quadrant.

Unprepared Patient Cramming for Tomorrow’s Rectal Exam

AUBURN, AL - Forever the procrastinator, nervous and unprepared patient Johnny Sanders has started cramming for tomorrow's rectal exam in the hopes he can pass. "This happens to...

Friends and Enemas

Healthcare patients and staff alike, know and enjoy the thrill of a good enema. The art and science of colon cleansing (colonics) has taken quantum leaps in one NC hospital. Colon researchers at the...

Gastroenterologists Try to Eliminate Acid Reflux by Building Wall along Stomach-Esophagus Border

Laredo, TX— Earlier this month, at the annual meeting of the American Gastroenterological Association in El Paso, Texas, a group of doctors proposed building a controversial border wall along all gastroesophageal junctions to prevent...

New Antimicrobial First Drug Ever with Fecal-Oral Route of Administratio

SILVER SPRING, MD—A new antimicrobial is the first drug to be approved by the FDA with a novel route of administration: the fecal-oral route. Taking advantage of a behavior—improper or no handwashing after wiping,...
barium enema

Barium Enema Reveals Abnormal Presence of Barium in the Colon

NEW YORK, NY - An inpatient medical team was shocked to learn that a barium enema performed earlier today revealed an abnormal presence of barium in their patient's rectum, something no one...
G-tube G-spot

The Difference Between A G-Tube & The G-Spot

GomerBlog returns to help distinguish between two similar but often confused entities. The "G" in G-tube refers to "gastric" or "gastrostomy." A G-tube is a type of feeding...

Breaking: Gastroenterologist Thinks Patient is Full of Sh*t

COOKEVILLE, TN - A local gastroenterologist by the name of Baxter Jones completely shocked patient Mason Watts and his family when he flat out told them that Watts was simply full of sh*t. "He told...