Saturday, September 19, 2020


Contact Precautions Stethoscope Will Be Replaced With Drawing of Stethoscope

CHARLESTON, SC - In an effort to cut down on cost and auscultation, hospitals are deciding to change to a illustrated picture of a stethoscope. "This is...

New Medical Unit Quiet Hours Now From 3 PM to 2:59 PM

NASHVILLE, TN - In an effort to provide much needed peace and quiet for the medical staff, Unit 4G at Nashville Memorial Hospital has extended its quiet hours, which will now take...
iv pca infusion pump WiFi

New IV Pumps Have Silence Button Lasting 24 Hours

GREENVILLE, SC - Hailing it as 2019's best new medical invention, a new IV pump by Shmalaris is like any other competitor's IV pump except it offers one major feature the others...

Northeast Hospital the First to Institute Eyebrow Covers

A recent change in the rules governing the role of hair coverage has caused a frenzy among all surgical staff. Whereas before, a bouffant cap and a mask were sufficient, now a plethora of...

Nurse confines fidgety med student in OR to Bouncy Seat

Phoenix, AZ: In what can only be described as an act of creative desperation, circulating nurse Susan Bremington found a novel way of dealing with what is no stranger to any OR staff— a...
nursing survey

“Who’s my patient’s doctor?” to be a full semester course in Nursing School

Kearney, NE - Seasoned floor nurses know and new nurses learn quickly: Figuring out whom to call for your patients can be a serious dilemma. In an effort to churn out nurses well prepared...

Fellowship in Nursing Leadership

University Medical Center is announcing a new Emergency Medicine fellowship in Nursing Leadership. The primary goal for the fellowship will be to develop future generations of hospital administrators. While it is a collaboration between...
wound care don't care

The Truth Comes Out: Wound Care Team Actually Doesn’t Care About Wound

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - Brace yourselves, a long-assumed notion once held about a certain class of health care professionals has just been completely obliterated: A spokesperson for the Wound Ostomy and Continence...
nurses station

Study Finds No Nurses Station Exists With 1:1 Ratio of Computers to Chairs

BOSTON, MA - A landmark study published in the Just-Like-New England Journal of Medicine has confirmed that no nurses station in any health care facility across this country has a 1-to-1 ratio...
code doorframe

RN Shocked Code Isn’t Etched Somewhere on Door, Doorframe

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Confronted with a locked door with an electronic keypad, a nurse was shocked to find that the code was not blatantly etched on the door or doorframe somewhere.