Thursday, June 24, 2021

Primary Care

fullest code

Patient to be “Fullest Code Possible”

KEARNEY, NE - In what should not be considered abnormal in our day and age, the family of Billy Rubin demanded that the 89-year-old resident of a local SNF and frequent flier at Kind...

Computer Glitch Causes KevinMD to Post Only Uplifting Articles About Medicine

NASHUA, NH – In a bizarre twist, famed social media physician burnout expert, Kevin Pho’s website KevinMD suffered what Dr. Pho is calling a “horrible glitch” yesterday and published a series of uplifting articles...

KevinMD Rescues Burned-Out Physician from Tree

ATLANTA, GA - Kevin Pho, or better known as KevinMD, rescued another burned-out physician from a tree Saturday.  Here's why. "I was so burned out, I climbed a tree and then I just couldn't get...
ed triage

Texting on Cell Phone During ED Triage Correlated with Improved Patient Outcomes

CLEVELAND, OH - A recent multi-center observational trial involving several EDs in Cleveland have demonstrated that texting on one’s cell phone during an initial ED triage interview results in markedly improved clinical outcomes.  The increasing...

Local Hospitalist Accidentally Writes Best-Selling Fantasy Novel While Trying to Change EMR Password

DETROIT, MI - Just last week, local hospitalist Dr. Blake Harrison came across a scenario that seems to happen every 20 minutes these days: his electronic medical record (EMR) profile alerted him that he...

A Hospital Administrator Explains: MIPS

Hey everybody!  Are you having a good day?  I hope so.  How about this fantastic weather we're having?  Awesome, hey let’s talk about the cool new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)!  This thing is...

Attending Answers Telephone at Nurse’s Station, Immediately Regrets Decision

IOWA CITY, IA - Havoc struck the medical ICU this morning when 49 year old intensivist Oliver Reynolds inexplicably decided to answer a telephone at the nurses station, immediately regretting his decision. "The caller...
cosmo doctors

Cosmo: Eleven Tips for Mind-Blowing, Incredible Doctor Visits!

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published “Eleven Tips for Mind-Blowing, Incredible Doctor Visits!” in a slight departure from its usual category of advice.  With permission from the magazine, we have reproduced the tips here so you...

It’s Time for a Change: Pharmacists Tired of Being the Last Stop in a...

CHARLESTON, SC - Pharmacists across the country are angry in regards to the pharmacy being the last stop in a patient’s day.  Typically, patients are exhausted when they show up to the pharmacy, but national pharmacy leaders want...

New CPR Guidelines Recommend Switching Out Providers Every 5 Cycles to Update Facebook Status

ST. LOUIS, MO – The American Heart Association (AHA) conducted further research and has published the new 2014 recommendations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) classes will...