Thursday, July 21, 2022
medical consults

A Primer to How We All Consult One Another

Does your patient need help but you're just not sure who to consult for help? This GomerBlog primer is here to break things down and ensure your patient receives the absolute best care possible. Does...
Radiology scanner

Tip: If You Need to Extubate Patient, Send to Radiology

PITTSBURGH, PA – Hope Mercy ICU is starting a new policy that if you need your patient extubated just send them to radiology. "Usually when your patient doesn’t quite meet extubation criteria but you have...
Gary Cozine

Gary Cozine & The Laryngospasms!

We here at GomerBlog love Gary Cozine & The Laryngospasms! What started as a party gag for fellow anesthetists led to a career as an entertainer and producer for CRNA Gary Cozine.  He performs at...
incentive spirometer incentivized spirometer

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Incentive Spirometers (or Marijuana)

Is this your first time using an incentive spirometer (or marijuana)?  Well, you're in luck: our Gomerblog team has created this easy 15-step process to using your incentive spirometer (or weed).  Don't be intimidated,...
respiratory system secedes capacity

Respiratory System Secedes, Declares Independence from Human Body

THE HUMAN BODY - In a stunning development that will inevitably alter the balance of power within us all, the respiratory system has successfully drafted and adopted an ordinance of secession, thereby becoming the...

Regional Anesthesia Blamed for 20 Minute Case Delay Despite GYN Intern Taking Over 1...

SAVANNAH, GA - It is reported yesterday that an anesthesiologist, while working with an anesthesia resident, delayed an operating room by taking an inappropriate amount of time to perform a nerve block prior to...
PICU nurse

PICU Nurse Enjoys Changing Patient Parameters and Drips Right Before Interns Present Patients on...

SEATTLE, WA - In an exclusive interview with Nursing magazine, Martha Stevens, a prominent pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurse at Children’s Hospital admitted that she loves to mess with new medical interns, especially ones she...
incentive spirometry

Bong Incentive Spirometer‏ a Big Hit in Colorado Hospitals

BOULDER, CO - Bronco Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the FDA and DEA approved Bong-dongle pulmonary incentive spirometer/peak flow meter (patent pending).  The Bong-dongle is a revolutionary new device that couples...
mechanical ventilator

Night Shift Enjoys New Ventilator Mode

GOLETA, CA - Puritan Bennett's new ventilator mode is a hit with the Bay Harbor Hospital night shift. Along with the standard AC, SIMV, CPAP, APRV and MVV modes, their newest offering, the PB-1001,...

Patient Can’t Pronounce Metoprolol, Electively Intubated

RICHMOND, VA - Patient Mary Andrews, a 52-year-old female with atrial fibrillation tried to pronounce the beta blocker “metoprolol” earlier this morning.  She found herself stuck on the second syllable.  Thanks to her nurse...