Thursday, July 9, 2020



2015 Guidelines for Altered Mental Status Published

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has updated their guidelines for managing altered mental status (AMS) patients coming into the emergency department.
obesity epidemic

Amidst Obesity Epidemic, Task Force Creates Glasgow Food Coma Scale

ATLANTA, GA - In response to the public health crisis of food comas resulting from the ongoing obesity epidemic, the 3N Joint Task Force, which is comprised of several of the nation’s leading experts...
atv craniotomy

NC Hospital Offers Discounted Craniotomy with ATV Purchase

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - With hunting season fast approaching, a North Carolina hospital has made a controversial move: they have partnered with an ATV dealership to offer a discounted craniotomy coupon to purchasers of the...
brain stem biopsy

Fearless Neurologist Attempts to Order Brain Stem Biopsy Via EHR

ST. LOUIS, MO - It was Tuesday morning in the middle of rounds when local bad boy neurologist, Dr. Chinstrap, felt his next stroke of daring genius land upon him.  The prior evening, a...
cell phone brain cancer

Alarming Study Finds Malignant Brain Cancers Appear on Side of Cell Phone Use

BOSTON, MA - A new multi-center randomized study to be published next week in Medicine found that a whopping 52.4% (+/- 3.67% with p-value 0.02) of brain cancers are found on the preferred side of the head used for...
operating room

Which Surgical Specialty Should You Choose?

It’s that time of year: residency application season!  You’ve decided that performing procedures, malignant personalities, and years of grueling training are for you but to which surgical subspecialty are you best suited?  Take our 4...

Doctor Has Pseudoseizure to Avoid Patient with Pseudoseizures

TAMPA BAY, FL - Zelda Wilkins credits her “high pain tolerance” as the only way she can handle her affliction with pseudoseizures.  Despite frequenting four different hospital systems within the city, 93% of ER...

Guy on Motorcycle Looking Forward to Donating His Organs

CALIFORNIA – Harris Jasper, a 3-year rider of a Kawasaki Ninja, or crotch rocket, told friends and family that this year would likely be the year he would donate "most of his vital organs to people...

Patient “Catfished” by Doctor, Angry That Yelp Profile Was Not Dr. Sanjay Gupta

EAGLEVILLE, PA - “People go to Yelp to find the best doctors - the best of the best.  I was relieved to find what I thought was Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s profile, and that he had...

Local Man Haunted by Crying Colic Baby

ATLANTA, GA – Local resident Ryan Foster, a 28-year-old bachelor and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) resident, told GomerBlog he was currently haunted by a crying baby.  “It started happening a few months ago.  I...