excited nurse

Denver, CO – On the final day of Nurse’s Week, Jill East, RN was expecting great things from her administration for all her hard work plus the 7 shifts of overtime she was mandated the past week. Instead she was given 2 more patients than normal, a doctors stethoscope that worked worse than her kid’s fisher price one and a note that the ativan diffuser was still on back order.

excited nurseTo top it all off the EMR crashed at morning report. “That’s it, I’m leaving,” said Jill East, RN. “I just can’t do my job in these conditions, all I wanted was a little recognition even an ice cream bar and a bathroom break would do.”

“There is no way to chart what I’ve been charting,” exclaimed Jill. “We can’t even document that all our patients have respiratory rates of 16,” reported another nurse from the med/surg unit.

Finally, at 0832, they realized now they would have to chart why each medication was administered late. Even if they could get into the patients chart, there was no drop down menu for EMR crashed and I couldn’t chart it even if I wanted to.

As she was gathering her things, a hospital administrator, Mr Jay Cho stopped and asked where she was going – “I’m leaving AMA.” Frantically Mr Cho gathered up the few physicians he could find and told them to forbid this nurse to leave. “You can’t leave,” shouted Dr. Forge “we highly recommend you stay.” Jill sympathetically looked at Dr Forge, handed Mr Cho her stethoscope that would actually work and said “good luck.”

Mr Cho was last seen staring at a patient’s door attempting to figure out what ‘foam in, foam out’ meant and wondering why the dulcolax wouldn’t work as the “D” medication his patient was demanding.

GomerBlog attempted to reach Ms. East, RN for comment but she was already at the local pub meeting the night shift for Bloody Mary’s and Morning breakfast.



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