KANSAS – 28-year-old OB/GYN Chief Resident Shirley Leep was honored with a new title at this year’s Residency Awards Ceremony.  She earned honors as a student in her OB/GYN rotation, fell in love with treating gonorrhea, delivering babies, and following unrealistic birth plans so she decided to dedicate her life’s work to it.

obstetricianNow 5 years later as a chief resident, Dr. Leep has mastered the knowledge and skills needed to be an attending physician.  “She possesses the physical attributes and medical knowledge needed to succeed in OB/GYN,” her residency program director noted.

“She has long fingers, can perform a quick and thorough pelvic exam with the speculum, and caught slippery babies with only 3 falling on the floor.  She will now be dubbed “The Wizard of Os.”  “It took a lot of practice to get it right,” reported Dr. Leep at her acceptance speech.  “Click, click, back out a little, bullseye!” she said with a laugh.

The award is new this year and will be given to the top performing resident annually.  Other titles considered were: “Chlamydia Queen,” “The Birth Boss,” and “President Pap.”

Dr. Leep plans to remain in the area and build a private practice.  “I give my personal cell phone number to all my patients.  I am always at their cervix.”  Dr. Leep’s practice promises IUD pregnancy prevention rate of 100%, no strings attached.  Well, one string anyway.



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