disappointed doctor

WASHINGTON, DC – After months of pooling their money and purchasing lottery tickets, a group of local resident doctors have won the Virginia Lotto’s Mega Jackpot $2 million prize.

disappointed doctor
“Not even a lottery win gets us back to even…WTF”

The five doctors had been buying lottery tickets with the collective pennies they put together – buying tickets weekly with countless number combinations from birthdays, anniversaries and ironically, student loan debt totals from their monthly statements.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw that we had the winning numbers – I thought I was hallucinating after another long night of taking call,” said Dr. Tom Davis, one of the lottery winners and current resident at Potomac Hospital.

The winning numbers were 30745, just one zero shy of the group’s average $300,000+ student loan debt total.  And while the group may have had visions of living the life of luxury, the $2 million win is still not enough to pay off the group’s total medical student loan debt.

“I can’t believe this.  Just when I thought I could get these loans paid off and maybe have enough to spare to put a down payment on a house, I can’t even pay off the full amount of my student loans.  I guess I’m going to have to keep buying lottery tickets,” said Samantha Shaw, another one of the lottery winners.

The group came together to collect the oversized lottery check at the Virginia Lottery Claim Center.  Representatives for the banks that service their student loan debt were on site to make sure the winnings were handed over promptly.

Another doctor, Karen Forest, was met with a surprise proposal by her long-term boyfriend during the check collection ceremony after he heard the news of her winnings.

“We’re going to be able to have this huge wedding and a honeymoon to Cancun, it’s going to be great,” Forest’s boyfriend said during his proposal.

Upon learning of Forest’s plans to pay down her $220,000 worth of student loans, her boyfriend revoked his marriage plans.  It’s unclear if the couple is still together.

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