Palmer, IA- David Dunning-Krüger is the best Chiropactors he knows. In fact he has bought himself several bumper stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs that say “World’s Best Chiropractor” just to make sure no one else less deserving had any paraphernalia with the title on it.

Like most Chiropractors, Dunning-Krüger has lots of training in manipulating spines and alleviating wallet obesity. Also, like most Chiropractors, Dunning-Krüger has never even taken a single course on immunology and hasn’t even read an actual scientific article about the immune system, how vaccines work or about the millions of lives vaccines have saved world wide.

Despite the complete lack of any knowledge about vaccines, Dunning-Krüger knows that vaccines are dangerous. “If they were good, I would have learned about them in chiropractic school and I would sell them in my health clinic. I sell branched chain amino acids, essential oils, mud salves, and the finest snake oils. Legit stuff that works so well you don’t even need studies since anyone with a lick of sense knows they work!”

When asked about the thousands of studies demonstrating the efficacy and safety of vaccines, Dunning-Krüger said “yeah, studies are for people who don’t have good intuition. Also, all those studies were funded by big vaccine companies and doctors get paid by the vaccine companies for pimping vaccines.”

“You know that’s all entirely false and complete bullshit, right?” GomerBlog asked.

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