GOTHAM CITY – Less than two years after he was hospitalized for pulmonary histoplasmosis, Batman has bounced back to Gotham City Medical Center (GCMC), this time with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. He is in stable condition.

“Batman has been keeping a low profile, especially once researchers conjectured that coronavirus was somehow transmitted from bat species to humans,” explained GCMC infectious diseases specialist Dr. Jennifer Stephens. “However, he started developing fevers, cough, and shortness of breath. Turn that bat signal off, Gotham City, he’s going to be out of commission for a while.”

It is unclear if the Caped Crusader acquired the novel coronavirus from bats directly or through humans. If it’s the latter, then coronavirus has quickly jumped from bats to human to Batman. Though Batman was quickly triaged by health care professionals appropriately gowned in personal protective equipment, there is the possibility he might have passed on the virus in a contagious state prior to diagnosis. The questions, then, are will coronavirus jump to a new species and if so, which one?

Alfred the Butler, though asymptomatic, has undergone testing for coronavirus, the results of which are pending.

GCMC epidemiologists have asked any DC super heroes or arch enemies who have recently been in contact or battle with Batman to self-quarantine. To the best of our knowledge, no one in the Marvel Universe has been infected.

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