Saturday, February 6, 2021


Nurses Have Stethoscopes: What Do You Think?

The philosophical TV show, The View, recently discussed the recent Miss America pageant. Two of the hosts were very critical of Miss Colorado with comments such as: Why is she wearing a "nurse's uniform?"...
Saline Lock Heparin Lock

Oh No: Nurse Misplaces Key, Saline Lock Locked Forever

NEW YORK, NY - Nurse Brad Frohne remains frantic this morning.  Yes, it has been more than the average level of busy today but that's not his main concern.  Amidst the barrage of new...

Mom Still Cleaning Up After Surgeon Son

NAPLES, FL - A recent phenomenon in an operating room (OR) at Mary Mother Hospital has caught quite the buzz.  Dr. Roger Messi was going about his daily routine performing his third surgery when...
piggy bank, gruesome

Piggy Bank in OR After Gruesome Attack with Hammer

ATLANTA, GA - Trauma surgeons at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of Georgia's Level I Trauma Centers, are working around the clock to piece back together one beloved Pete the Piggy Bank after he was ruthlessly...
airplane faa npo after midnight

Hospital Administrator Delivers Clutch Performance During In-Flight Cardiac Arrest

DENVER, CO - Passengers and crew are counting themselves fortunate tonight as their United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Chicago made an emergency landing at Stapleton Airport due to an in-flight emergency.  A 68-year-old...
parrot on shoulder

Health Department Gives Parrots To Patients Who Need Reminding

MADISON, WI — The Dane County Department of Public Health has issued free parrots to 250 of the most frequently hospitalized patients in Madison. The parrots have been trained to say things like, “Take...

Nurse Disappears After Using “Q” Word

ROCHESTER, MN - Jackie Shern, floor nurse at United General, disappeared following her shift last week.  “It was an easy night for us,” stated Jess Gird, a coworker of Jackie’s.  “We were getting our...

Hospital Administrator: It’s Important to Have Work-Life Imbalance

NEW YORK, NY - Hospital administrator Todd Williams told media today that he understands that burnout among health care practitioners is a very real issue, which is why he is reassuring everybody by saying...

CDC: Medical Noncompliance Actually Caused by Virus

ATLANTA, GA - In breaking news, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has discovered a new virus that causes medical noncompliance, thereby explaining a centuries-old mystery of why patients have not taken...