Monday, September 21, 2020


Breaking: Joy Behar Hospitalized, Wonders ‘Why Are There So Many People Pretending to Be...

NEW YORK, NY – Reports are coming in from NYU where Joy Behar was hospitalized recently.  Due to her recent celebrity status among health care workers she was given a "hospital suite" in the...

Nurse Entering Thirty-Sixth Hour Trapped in Med Room Trying to Return Med to Pyxis

An on-going watch continues at Northshore Memorial Hospital as Tracy Smith, RN, is stuck at the pyxis trying to return an extra dose of oxycodone she took out by accident. Direct sources (nurses who tried...

Diagnostic Criteria for a ‘Train Wreck’ Patient

How does one identify a train wreck?  GomerBlog polled 1,000,000 health care providers in the last 48 hours and the general consensus is that, of the following, 1 MAJOR plus 2 MINOR criteria are...
social worker

New Social Worker Way More Social Than She is a Worker

NEW YORK, NY - It hasn’t taken long for health care providers at Mount Sinai Hospital to realize that Amanda Johnson, a new social worker hired just last month, is way more social than she...
septic colonized keyboard

Breaking: Colonized Computer Keyboard Finally Becomes Septic

LOS ANGELES, CA - Gomerblog has learned that a computer keyboard colonized with a whole host of microorganisms at the nurses station on Unit 4A of Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) has become septic,...
nightshift vs dayshift

Day Shift Vs. Night Shift Nurses

A classic battle at every hospital.  Who does more, Day Shift or Night Shift Nurses? Depends on perception! This comes as no surprise, but night shift nurses have a completely different view! But in the end,...

Barn Birthing Centers Gaining Popularity Across Nation

BROOKLYN, IA – A new birthing option for expectant mothers is currently taking the nation by storm.  Barn birthing will soon supplant the water birth as the go-to option for women wanting a more natural birthing...
Pyxis machine broken glass

Pyxis Machine Dispenses Broken Glass Dilaudid Ampule, Laughs on the Inside

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - GomerBlog brings breaking news regarding those fragile glass fentanyl and Dilaudid ampules in the Pyxis machine.  Apparently the machine enjoys dispensing medications with a cracked top, and even "laughs on the inside" according to...

Video: 10/10 Abdominal Pain While Eating Doritos & Talking on Her Cell Phone

We sat down with Dr. Gomez, a doctor who treated a patient with 10/10 abdominal pain while eating Doritos and talking on her cell phone. He tells the story of what was going on....
isolation gown

How to Put on a Contact Isolation Gown

If you've never done it before, putting on a contact isolation gown can be quite tricky.  It might be easier to put on a straitjacket.  Here's our step-by-step guide, walking you through each step and...