Saturday, February 6, 2021


the sun

Health Care Providers Unsure What That Bright Yellow Glowing Orb is in the Sky

CHARLESTON, SC - In an eye-opening new study published in the latest issue of JAMA (Just Another Medical Association), researchers at The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) found that 10 out of 10...

Miracle on the Hudson: NYC Nurse Lands Foley in 600-Pound Female Patient

HUDSON VALLEY, NY - A miracle occurred on Saturday as Cathy Meyers, night shift RN at Hudson Valley Hospital, found herself staring at the wavering end of a fully-inflated Foley catheter. The catheter once...
piggy bank, gruesome

Piggy Bank in OR After Gruesome Attack with Hammer

ATLANTA, GA - Trauma surgeons at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of Georgia's Level I Trauma Centers, are working around the clock to piece back together one beloved Pete the Piggy Bank after he was ruthlessly...
blood products

Blood Bank to Require More Paperwork, First-Born Child to Release Blood Products

GREENSBORO, NC - In an effort to cut down on costly blood product utilization, hospital administrators at Rocky High Hospital have put pressure on their blood bank to “regulate their blood products more efficiently.”...

Nurses, Doctors on Pace to Lose Over 1 Trillion Pens in 2015

CHICAGO, IL - In a study published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Penmanship (NEJP), researchers have found that healthcare practitioners across the country have picked up their A game...

Today is National Destroy Your Pyxis with a Sledgehammer Day

SILVER SPRING, MD - Nurses, it’s time to rejoice!  The American Nurses Association (ANA) has officially declared today National Destroy Your Pyxis with a Sledgehammer Day! “Nurses, report to your closest Pyxis machine!!!” announced the...
medical pager

October 16, 2015: National Toss Your Pager in the Trash Day

Finally.  Pagers are on their way out for good! To the delight of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and any other health care provider who carry a pager, October 16, 2015 has officially been declared the...
drinking alcohol

After Counseling Patient on Evils of Alcohol Abuse, Medical Team Leaves Work & Gets...

ATLANTA, GA - A multidisciplinary inpatient team at Georgia Medical Center (GMC) spent thirty minutes at bedside warning their patient Doug Johansen of the many evils associated with alcohol abuse: mood disorders, gastritis and...
upset surgeon

Surgeon Furious That X-Ray Tech Not Available 2.3 Seconds After Demanding X-Ray in OR

HOUSTON, TX – Dr. Henry Witherspoon, a prominent general surgeon in the Houston area, began foaming at the mouth in anger, after an X-ray machine was not immediately available 2.3 seconds after he requested an X-ray...
favorite sleeping positions

Which is Your Favorite Position to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep?

As for us at Gomerblog, it's split between the standing and knee-chest positions.  That's like choosing which twin you love!  In our opinion, there's something about the cool breeze teasing your anal sphincter that...